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A Few Random Musings

Elizabeth & Mary & Pregnancy & Praise
As I lay in the bathtub staring at my moving tummy and enjoying the odd sensations, for whatever reason I thought about how the Bible talks about a time when Mary the mother of Jesus went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was also expecting a child and was in her sixth month (second trimester).  When Elizabeth saw Mary, she was filled with the Holy Spirit *and* the baby inside her leaped for joy (Luke 1:41, 44).  I pondered about that baby (John - who would later be John the Baptist), and how even before he was born God the Spirit was already speaking to him and letting him know who his Messiah would be.  And I began to wonder.  Did John physically bow down from inside the womb when he knew he was in the presence of Jesus? Was he in a breech position that would allow him to easily bow down? What did a baby leaping for joy feel like, for Elizabeth? How does a baby "leap" from inside the womb? Oh, how beautiful and moving that must have been, for a babe not yet born to already be in a state of worship!  It nearly moved my hormonal self to tears just thinking about that glorious scene. 

Dropping/Engaging/Lightening or Just A Merciful Day?
I *think* baby engaged last night while I was sleeping.  This morning when I woke up I felt lighter, and it was easier to manoeuvre my body out of bed.  I felt like I could breathe slightly better and more quietly, and my bump (though incredibly large) looked just a wee bit smaller from my vantage point, maybe because it had shifted lower on my torso.  I also had more energy and could walk around a bit more steadily (though I did feel like there was some added pressure on the ol' hooha).  My tummy felt softer near the top, too; the hardness seems to be from beneath my ribs extending all the way to under my belly button.  I also found myself going to the washroom with greater frequency. 

Ever so diligent about doing my "research" to confirm my suspicions, I turned to Google.  I read about "lightening" and checked out the forums and scoured the links for information to support my hypothesis.  Unfortunately, for all of the bazillion hits that turned up, none of them could definitively say that I had indeed "dropped."  So how's a girl to know?!  Especially a vertically-challenged girl like me, whose torso is shorter too and whose baby doesn't have nearly the room to move down the way it would on a statuesque woman.

So, as it stands, I can only hope that baby has engaged.  I can't be sure :(  Maybe God just wanted to give me a really great day (and it was! I walked a bit today and was complimented on looking good considering how far along I am, and Hubbs and I had a fantastic date with delicious Chinese New Year food too).  Maybe baby is finally getting the memo.  I have no idea.

A Season of Patience
Not only am I waiting oh-so-patiently for my precious babe to make her grand entrance, I find that this is the season when I have to field a lot of the same questions, and sometimes the brutal remarks, that follow.  It's teaching me to be patient.

The other day, while at the check-out counter of a dollar store, the young sales girl took a look at my protruding belly and suddenly blurted out in an incredulous tone, "Are you having TWINS?!?" I think I actually took a deep breath before I responded in the negative.  Her question was quickly followed up with another: "Is it a boy?!?" This time, both Hubbs and I replied.  Still unfazed by the awkwardness of it all, this sales girl remarked, "Wow, that's one big girl!"  Thanks, chickie.  Like I didn't know I am the size of a beached whale.  I appreciate it being announced loudly to all the patrons in line.  I think I impressed Hubbs with my self-restraint because I didn't leap over the counter to throttle her, nor did I burst into tears and lash out verbally.  Instead, I sighed and smiled and graciously handled her interrogation with kindness (not something I'm known to do with service providers of any sort).  This leads me to conclude that God is trying to teach me patience and He is giving me many opportunities to practice, because as we all know, "Practice makes perfect." 

I was born in the year of the dragon.  So, too, were my in-laws (both of them).  And it looks like baby Loquacious will be a dragon as well.  I'm not big into eastern astrology a la Chinese horoscopes, so I don't know what personality she's supposed to have nor do I care to find out.  However, I do think it is neat that our baby will share my "animal" year and also that of her paternal grandparents.  It is also great that she held out long enough that Hubbs can now buy her the "Year of the Dragon Optimus Prime" Transformer.  Yippee!


Love your Loquacious Family posts! When your child/children are grown and you are well on your way to "retirement", you will be more than adequately stocked with material for your memoir. Your parenting adventures are just beginning, get ready for a wild and wonderful ride!

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