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Like a Balloon

Compared to most mommas-to-be, I have been blessedly symptom-free.  I haven't been nauseous or had severe heartburn, I haven't been cramping every night, I'm not a slave to my cravings, nor am I limited in my diet because of gestational diabetes.  My Braxton-Hicks rushes have been manageable (and secretly fascinating to me), and my skin has been blemish-free (unless you count the badges on my tummy).  My pee tests have all come back negative for proteins and sugars, blood pressure has been on target (a little low, even) and baby has been sucking up to the doc by sitting in a perfect position (though not necessarily engaged) for the past two months.

So, I suppose I cannot complain that in these last days, I've ballooned up like a latex glove in the hands of a teenager.  I'm not sure what happened, really, but all of a sudden I looked down at my feet and they were unrecognizable.  What used to be a normal looking foot (complete with bones and semi-skinny toes) has turned into this monstrous cankle hock:

Sadly, my upper extremities were not spared from the edema, either.  This morning I couldn't even make a proper fist with my right hand (my left having been saved by the restrictive brace I wore all night).  I could barely navigate my iPhone even! Big first-world problem.  As I consulted with my doc and Google, I learned that apparently this whole puffer-fish phenomenon is normal as the big day approaches, though that is of little comfort to me, literally.  ;)

My doc appointment is today and we'll see if she can recommend something (other than elevating my limbs and drinking water and walking) to alleviate my not-so-little problem.  I'm sure with all this ballooning, I will also get a lovely increase in my weight as well.  My dad has already bought the herbs that he'll need to fix up my bloat issue, although I'm pretty sure that I can't drink that stuff until after baby arrives (since it contains a copious amount of whiskey).  Until then, I guess I just have to deal with it and wait for baby to come soon!

Did I mention even my "big shoes" don't fit so hot anymore?


tejanamama said…
When they check your bp you may find its up some from "normal" for you since this usually is part of the deal with the puffingupness. I did that with elena RIGHT at the end too. My mom freaked out! lol Kept insisting something was horribly wrong. Ahhh. Gotta love moms. My bp was normal and even low at times (compared to most moms) and just slightly above my prepreg normal which is always a nice low reading. With emilia didn't happen. Damndest thing. Guess our bodies freak out a bit more the FIRST TIME cuz its like wth is happening?? :) Are you planning to try to breastfeed still? IT IS NEARLY TIME and i cannot stand it. so so so excited!!! Will J post to your FB? otherwise I won't know! Do you have my number to text me? So neat especially since your due the day Elena was due. That really is something. She is beyond excited, and hoping, against your own hopes I am sure, and those of eveyrone in your circle, that the baby will be three days late and share her birthday!!!! We are currently preparing for the big day (hers)! Very likely will be celebrating her Birthday when your little one has already arrived (next weekend!!!)
Mrs. Loquacious said…
It has been steady every week up to week 39 so if it goes up this week, that might be a problem (good thing they check my pee too!).

I will try to email ya as soon as I go into labour and then after the delivery. Hubbs has passwords for the emails and access but of course when we announce will depend on how healthy baby is and how well things go.

I'm hoping not to go *too* much longer (my folks are here for the baby as much as for me), though if I end up having baby on Elena's bday, that would be so cool too! :)
Sharon said…
OH. MY. That is one unnatural looking foot! Guess you'll be wearing flip-flops to the hospital...? I'm being asked regularly how you are :)
Mrs. Loquacious said…
I can still squeeze into my shoes but I will definitely bring flip flops too! Tell everyone that I willake formal announcements when it happens. You and Cat will know as soon as we head to the hospital ;)

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