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Happy One Month, Baby L!

Fearless in the face of danger

Hard to believe it but a full month has already passed since Baby Loquacious's arrival!  Much has happened in this time, and also very little (if that makes any sense).  The days following my dramatic labour and birth have sort of all blended into one another, with each day mirroring the one previous in terms of sleeplessness, multiple feedings, endless diaper changes and baby-adoring.

At the same time, I feel like time has flown by and Baby L has already grown and developed so much! Her height and weight have increased significantly; she can now fit into her Baby Bjorn seat without slipping through the leg hole, and her 0-3month sleepers now fit her such that both her legs can no longer fit themselves into one pant leg.  She has gained a hearty 2 pounds 3 ounces in just a month's time, and her height has leapt to a whopping 23.22" (97th percentile). 

Baby Loquacious is also becoming stronger with each passing day.  She wasn't exactly a delicate flower upon birth (her weight made her a substantial baby from the get-go) but her neck was pretty weak and needed constant support.  Keener that she is, however, she began attempting to lift her head during her first week of life.  At a month, she can now keep her head held up for a few seconds, and when she arches her back, you really do need to hold on tight to ensure that she doesn't completely buck herself out of your arms.

Speaking of arms, Baby L has begun to explore her surroundings with her arms, though this is an inexplicable phenomenon since I'm pretty sure she still doesn't know that those flailing limbs are her own.  She has on a few occasions held up her own bottle with her fisted knuckles.  The other day, Hubbs moved her near the suspended toy panda and she began to bat at it with her arm.  Her legs have also begun to uncurl themselves, and sometimes you can catch her feeding with one leg high up in the air and extended out in a pseudo-kick pose.

We're starting to figure out her routine and her cues, and she in turn is starting to notice who Mommy and Daddy are.  As her eyes gain strength and focus (and her alertness level increases), she is better able to look at pictures and toys and develop a curiosity for the world around her.  Whereas she seemed to have little or no awareness of her surroundings a month ago, she is now constantly looking around, to the point that breastfeeding becomes tricky because she's craning her neck to stare at something behind my chair (I think it's the fridge but I can't tell for sure), rendering her latch ineffective/nonexistent.

She's also finding her voice, and will now coo and sigh and make all sorts of cute little sounds that just melts her daddy's heart. :)

Happy one month birthday, baby girl! :) Mommy and Daddy love you so much.


Sharon said…
I can't wait to see you guys again! I'm starting to feel human again after all this hubbub is wrapping up :)

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