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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's No Sacrifice At All

My first Mother's Day as a mom, and I feel so blessed.  My baby girl is healthy, happy, and busy snoozing away in her crib.  She barely fussed tonight when friends dropped by to have dessert with us (they brought in the most delicious Melona popsicles) and went down without a fight, after Hubbs gave her a bottle. 
Snuggling with Mommy

These last few weeks..months...year, the recurrent theme of my life has been God's amazing grace and abundant blessing.  I am reminded of it every time my girl snuggles into me, wrapping her little arms around my neck or body or breast, or whenever she flashes me a toothless grin and throws her head back and laughs a loud, uninhibited, from-the-belly roar.  I am reminded of it when I look at the date, for it was this month last year when we conceived by His grace, and when my pee tests came back positive.

I am also reminded of God's favour in my life whenever I hear or read about other mothers, particularly those for whom my first-world "basics" (like safe birthing, health care, clean water and medicine) are a luxury beyond their wildest dreams.  When my friend Babushka Mama shared a link to Bloggers for Birth Kits, it was once again brought to the fore that I am blessed abundantly, and it is completely within my means (and really, my God-given call) to bless others with some of what He has entrusted to me.

It never occurred to me that there are places where people give birth without soap to wash their hands, or a blade to cut the umbilical cord.  I guess I took that for granted, too.  I use soap about 30 times a day (I wash my hands a LOT) and not once have I stopped to consider that something as simple as that - as a bar of soap that they give away for FREE at even the lower-end hotels - is a luxury not available to many mothers and birth attendants in other parts of our world.  This is not right.

It's no sacrifice for us to spare a few dollars, is it? I mean, it's a few less trips to Starbucks during the month.  Could we not spare just a little bit from our abundance, to ensure that a momma-to-be gets a safer set of conditions in which to birth her baby? For just $2 per kit, it's possible to provide a newborn with clean gauze to wipe his/her eyes, a sanitary blade to sever the cord (and reduce the risk of infection), and soap enough to ensure that the birth attendant's hands are clean.  This could be a matter of life and death.

This Mother's Day, I want to bless as much as I have been (and continue to be) blessed.  It's no sacrifice at all for me, and yet it could make such a huge difference to a mom somewhere else.  Won't you join me in really celebrating mothers by helping mommas bring their babies into the world more safely?


~Rain``` said...

Happy Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for the reminder to give out of our abundance.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

Thank you so much for getting involved in Bloggers for Birth Kits. Every single kits counts!

Happy Mothers Day to you. :)

adriel x

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