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Mom Fashion (Or My Lack Thereof)

Entirely unrelated pic but I know you wanted one.
This coming weekend is Mother's Day.  In about 2 weeks, I'll also be celebrating my dad's big 7-0.  And in 3 weeks, we'll be celebrating birthdays for both of my brother-in-laws (who oddly enough, share a birthday).

What to wear?

This didn't used to be a dilemma.  I'd just go out and buy a couple of outfits.  However, now that Baby L consumes all of my time and energy, shopping for dresses seems like a frivolous exercise that only serves to stress out Momma and baby.

Besides, there are now things to consider that I didn't need to worry about pre-baby, like:
- how accessible are my breasts in the outfit
- will a leaky boob be evident/visible
- how well does the outfit hide my saggy belly skin
- how well does the outfit hide the rest of my still-oversized body
- will the fabric chafe Baby L's skin when she snuggles up on me
- how much waxing/shaving do I need to do to wear the outfit
- do I have comfortable non-heeled shoes to go with said outfit

Seriously, some days I wonder why I bother having any wardrobe.  My "uniform" is pretty standard: leggings/yoga pants, a double-clasp nursing tank, and a sleeved cover-up sweater in a thin knit fabric.  If I feel particularly daring or fashionable, I opt for a nursing bra or a sports bra and a pull-over stretchy one-piece dress or a fancier t-shirt and stretchy a-line skirt.  I could literally reduce my wardrobe to 10 articles of clothing.  This is sad.

To think that I once had a very involved, multi-step beautifying process.  It's all out the window these days, unless it is a super-special occasion.  I've even ventured out in public sans fards (without a lick of make-up) on multiple occasions, including today.  My baby doesn't judge; she loves me no matter how I look ;)

That said, I need to get my sh!t together and actually go and get something pretty that will fit my lardy butt.  My dad's birthday is a big deal and I really should not show up wearing a smock or a nursing tank.  My current collection of dresses won't fit properly yet, so I can't even fall back on existing items in my closet.  Likewise on Mother's Day - Hubbs is taking me to brunch at one of the swankiest hotels in town, and though I've seen people dine there in jeans, it simply isn't appropriate for me to brunch there in my standard gear.  Thankfully at least the birthday celebration is just a BBQ (read: expect the usual uniform on that date).

What to wear? *sigh*

 PS - I'm totally starting to work out.  These jiggly bits must go!

PPS - Baby L already has lots of pretty outfits so she's good to go.  This kid is like 1000x better dressed than her momma!


Jel said…
I know what you mean... i still don't know where hubby put half my makeup in this house when he unpacked simply because i haven't worn any yet :o And this is a small town so everyone has seen me bare skinned and tired!

Would like to find some tank tops to wear, but will have to also buy a new very warm jumper, as it's winter here so not really sleeveless weather :)

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