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Splashing and Rolling Around - Milestone Updates

(Sorry about the Milestones post that somehow got published before it was even finished.  I had fallen asleep and somehow my finger hit "Publish" in error)

Baby Loquacious decided yesterday that she was sick and tired of rolling onto her tummy and getting stuck there, so she rolled back onto her back! Now that she's able to do a full log roll, Hubbs and I are starting to worry that perhaps her mobility means that we will need to pad up all the corners on our furniture, stat!

During bath time, she has also figured out how to float on her back and kick her legs to splash the water.  Bathing with her has become infinitely more challenging as a result since she doesn't want to be in any other position than the supine one.  I can't wait for the day when she can sit up in the tub on her own, so that I don't have to try holding her down as she planks during hair-washing.

I suspect she is also getting her gums ready to teethe (oh no!) because everything is going into her mouth now, and she clamps down quite hard with her gums.  She has also taken to biting her lower lip with her upper gums, and drooling.  I'm the mortified mom with the kid with the dirty shirt since her collars are almost always stained with a combination of spit, dripped formula and puke.

She is also getting increasingly loud and vocal.  She said "a'ma" the other day and sometimes I swear she says, "Hi!"; most of the time, however, she just coos and makes weird sounds.  During her more excited moments, she also squeals in delight...loudly.  And when she is frustrated, the cry is at an even higher volume.  Unfortunately, she comes by her big voice honestly; both Hubbs and I can project our voices (a necessity in the classroom, and for presentations), and we both love to talk.  If she would have been quiet and mute, we'd be asking the hospital if they gave us the right kid! ;)

All in all, I think she is hitting her milestones on schedule, not that it's a race or a competition.  It's just reassuring to know that, despite our failings and inadequacies as parents (and there are many), my baby will still naturally develop as she should.  Praise be to God, for it is indeed a God thing!


Amen!! I was all upset that Ollie had not rolled over yet and cried to hubs about it. The next day he went back to belly! I realize there is nothing I can do to make him hit his milestones so I just try to enjoy to ohhs and ahhs and of course the fact that he is always where I left him. Soon enough he will be mobile and then I'll be really sorry I kept trying to push him to the next milestone!
~Rain``` said…
Enjoy those milestones! They go through so many in the first year!

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