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Have Baby, Will Travel

A few randoms on traveling with Baby Loquacious.

Passport Photos

Shady face

Apparently, a lot of places no longer take infant passport photos unless the baby can sit up on their own, unassisted.  Who knew? So we had to go online to find a willing photog.  Luckily, the Lens and Shutter on Broadway was willing to take our money and snap a few mugs of my darling daughter.  The fellow behind the camera remarked several times on how well-behaved Baby L was (which totally made this momma swell with pride!). The truth was, Baby L was a bit sedate, having just woken up on her own from a nap.  She wasn't exactly the epitome of fun and animated, either; she was just co-operative.  Despite the numerous assertions that she did so well and the photos were so fabulous, however, it didn't really stop her from looking like a child criminal in her mugshots.  At least they're done and no tears were shed.

Sleep Arrangements
For our next few trips, Baby L is going to need a place to sleep that isn't our bed.  Previously, we've only ever traveled back to E-town with her, and on both occasions my wonderful in-laws were able to secure a crib for us (on loan from a colleague).  No such luck this time, but it's just as well, since our winter getaway to Hawaii (and potential trips across the border) will necessitate Baby L having a travel bed that isn't some heavy, uncomfy Pack-and-Play (which isn't designed to be a bed in the first place).

I'm thinking about getting the Baby Bjorn Travel Bed Light 2Reviews have been overwhelmingly favourable, although some seem to prefer the Phil & Ted's Traveler Crib or the Peapod, which is out of the question since a baby died in one of those not long ago!  There are still other options out there, including many who would suggest bed-sharing, but neither Hubbs nor I love the idea of having Baby L in bed with us all night long (not to mention all of the potential safety risks that the arrangement would pose).  The Travel Bed Light is only 11 pounds, assembles in like 30 seconds, and is apparently very comfy for babies.  The only drawbacks? Packing yet another thing on a trip, plus it is stinkin' expensive.

Still, we are willing to pay the price if it's a good product.  Any advice or experience to offer on travel beds, and specifically the Baby Bjorn Travel Bed Light 2?

We have a Beco Gemini.  I love it because it's soft and comfy and relatively easy to use.  However, I've only ever "worn" Baby L at the mall or in our neighborhood, and only ever for very short periods of time (think 30 minutes, max.).  As I contemplate what our trips will look like now that my girl's super alert and always wanting to look around and touch stuff, I can't help but think she will put up a valiant fight against being restrained in a stroller for an hour or more.  So, methinks that baby-wearing will be the next-best option.

I'm reluctant, however, to strap her on me for a long time, especially in forward-facing position (which is her favourite).  My concerns are: overheating (both she and I), hip dysplasia from poor positioning, and discomfort (hers and mine).  So how would we sight-see if we didn't use a stroller or a carrier? Hold her in our arms?!? What's your experience in baby-wearing, especially in Bjorns or Ergos or the like?

Presuming we do take Baby L across the border, another potential stressor for me is that she may fuss after being in the car seat for a while (especially if we're stuck at the border crossing).  She's generally a pretty good sleeper when we run errands around the city, but again, those drives aren't several hours in length.  A road trip to Seattle or Leavenworth, however, is a bit longer.

Of course we will take frequent rest breaks (to nurse her, to change her, to stretch and maybe let her roll around somewhere).  However, there's the assumption that once she is changed/fed/stretched, she will be willing to return to the car seat.  If that doesn't happen, we're boned.

It also means we can't just stop on the side of a road somewhere.  We probably will need to plan out our road trips more explicitly so that we always have a Plan B place to stop and overnight at, should Baby L decide to kibosh the rest of the day's driving with her piercing cries.  Any experience you wish to impart on road trips with 6 month olds?

As you can see, I am full of worries and anxieties about traveling with Baby L.  It's silly, I know.  I have friends who've traveled to different continents with a baby her age, and they all survived and even had a good time (judging from the pictures, at any rate).  But being the Type A control freak that I am, I want things to run smoothly and, if possible, to avoid tears and crying (hers and mine).  Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated, mommas!

I am constantly being upstaged by my beautiful baby. It's a good thing :)


We had to get our baby's passport done at 8 weeks old. Totally a hilarious experience. Sears was the only place I could find downtown that did babies passport photos. Seriously. 8 weeks old. They can barely hold their bobbly head straight. They had to photo shop out my hand but the photo passed the big test!

You should check into on line baby rentals. Most big cities have them for travellers. The last time we went to Arizona we rented car seats, a stroller, a high chair, a crib, etc. It makes travelling so much easier. Sometimes the company meets you at the airport or sometimes at your hotel. Look into for sure.
mazoola said…
We got our photos done at oak ridge mall above the blenz! They were prepared to spend how ever long it took for the photos. It took 10 mins for us and I held him up while hubs helped him focus with Sophie.
~Rain``` said…
I understand all of this. We flew to the States when our daughter was four months old. I was so stressed during the preparations for the trip. In the end, she did GREAT! And people were so helpful. It ended up being a very positive experience for us. I hope and pray the same for you.

Btw, you two look gorgeous! :)
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@ Mama ITC - Yeah, the photog told us that little ones sometimes take up to an hour, and you still can't get a good enough shot to use! Luckily, ours took 5 minutes. Literally. We put her down, and then he clicked 3 times. Fin. I was so proud! Is Sears still open? (Obvs I haven't ventured to that part of DT for a while...LOL).

And yeah, we are looking into rentals for some of the toys. I hesitate to rent a travel bed though; I don't care how clean anyone tells me it is, all I can imagine is all the poops and pees and pukes and drool that have saturated those surfaces!

@ Mazoola - Oh, I didn't even think to check at the mall! Glad you had a quick experience too! Does Max look as thuggish as my girl?

@ Rain - Thanks! :) I am hoping that the 5-hour flight is bearable for Baby L. It's hard though, because she likes to nurse and I am so bad at it in public, because she refuses to use the nursing cover! My hope is to take full advantage of the nursing momma rooms at the airport before we leave, and then maybe sneak one feed in on the flight in the bathroom or something (unless we fly business, which I am seriously considering but for the cost).
mazoola said…
max looks like a catfish in his! Lol!
Ms PR said…
Her passport photo is awesome. LOVE!
Ms PR said…
Her passport photo is so awesome. LOVE!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@Ms PR - Thanks! :) Now our entire family looks shady. LOVE THAT.

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