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Hubbs is doing a guy thing with a buddy tonight, leaving me home with Baby L on a Friday night.  (Before you leap to my defense and proclaim the injustice of this situation - I get a girl's night next Friday and he gets to stay home with my little charmer).  Anyway, I was mentally and physically prepared to gear up for a long long night.  After all, Baby L has been doing a lot of fussing lately (teething) and fighting sleep with every cell of her being.

So, after Hubbs left to go line up at the theatre, Baby L and I sat down for some dinner.  She tried (and loved) baked zucchini for the first time, and then destroyed a Mum-Mum cracker afterwards.  Before she could even begin to fuss (but I could sense it coming), I freed her from her miSwivel and washed her down with some warm soapy water.  She enjoyed playing with, and sucking on, the towel afterwards.

In yo' face, Momma!
Following my clean-up time, we played on her activity mat with a bunch of her toys.  She gave her Quacker Jack stuffie a good long make-out session and banged her new stacking cups together loudly.  She rolled around and attempted to crawl (more like a belly scoot).  I filmed her with my iPhone and replayed the videos, to her great delight (oh, she is her father's daughter!).  Then she began fussing and I decided to nurse her, thinking perhaps she was still hungry.  Well, she nursed and nursed all right.  Then she passed out. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

This was 2.5 hours ago.  I don't expect her to wake up again until morning (or some semblance of morning, probably at 3:45am).

Consider me pleasantly surprised.  Here I was, gunned up and ready for a long evening and a battle of wills with my strong-willed little girl, and she goes and does something so unpredictable and awesome that it throws me off my game.

Now what?

(Not that I'm complaining.  I am secretly squeeing in delight to have had one "easy" evening, especially since I was the only pair of hands on deck tonight.  Hopefully she'll repeat this performance...often!).


Sharon said…
Parenting - expect the unexpected. That's positive and/or negative! Your mommyninja powers are developing well. That will be useful in avoiding more potential fuss pots :)
Mrs. Loquacious said…
LOL. The Force is not quite strong enough in me yet ;) However, there are a few strategies (e.g. distraction/diversion, funny voices, peekaboo, Canto kid songs) that are effective in diffusing some fussy situations!

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