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Boba Air Review

Not me and not Baby L ;)
This is not a paid review (I wish!) but I am a giver.  Here's my two cents, so that you too can also invest in a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) baby carrier for your baby.

We had to order ours from a Canadian retailer in the east, since most places in BC have yet to know that the Boba Air has been released and/or invented.  Yeah, we're behind the times here, and virtually nobody even carriers Boba products.  Not sure why.

Anyhoo, it *finally* came in the mail last week, so I tested it out when we made a trip past the border to go to Trader Joe's.  Baby L had been in her car seat for a while by this point, so she was ready to wiggle and be near me.

I had already pre-set the carrier's straps to fit me, so there were only a few minor adjustments I had to make when I strapped her in.

The carrier is very lightweight, and thin (think jogging jacket material), so it felt much more breathable on a sunny day than your typical soft structured carriers.  It's black, however, so there is some heat absorption happening there.

I carried my girl facing in towards me (which is the position I most enjoy), and her 19-pound frame seemed to fit well into the carrier such that her hips were supported and her butt took most of the weight.  Her legs were firmly in place but the carrier didn't cut into them and she was quite comfortable there.

I didn't use the sleeping hood but I'm glad there is one.  We'll see how well it works, though; the one on my Beco Gemini isn't great for Baby L when she's tired and her head is lollygagging around, because sometimes her face hits the nylon strap and I'm worried she'll cut an eye (she hasn't...yet).

After a 45-minute jaunt in the store, Baby L was easily freed from her nylon prison (though she hadn't once fussed in the whole time she was being worn).  When I went to return it to its "pouch," the Boba Air took a bit of time to fit all of the straps and buckles inside, but the thing did zip up into a compact little pouch.  LOVE THAT.

So now? It's our go-to when we take a carrier on our strolls, or run quick errands.  I would totally still use the Beco when I'm going on a longer walk or a hike, or it's a cold winter day, but for the current mild temperatures I do love this thinner material and more easy-to-store carrier.

Good luck locating a store that has one, but if you do, this is a good carrier to get (provided your baby is big/old enough; not for newborns!).  I highly recommend it.


This is awesome thanks! I still cannot get over the 'zips up into a pouch.' We have 3 carriers and all three are not compact. the Moby folds nicely but is still very large.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Yeah, I had two (plus a free one that I don't count because I've never used it) and neither of these pack small either. This BobaAir is truly something else. I love it!

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