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Little Snot-Nosed Kid

Probably picking up germs from the carpet.  This is where it all began...
Mine, that is.  My poor little girl has come down with some sort of common cold, and though I have suspicions about where her virus originated, I will refrain from pointing fingers (you know who you are!).

So now we have a barely-sleeping, cranky, fussy, teething, snotty baby who cries every time I try to wipe the copious amounts of dripping mucous from her face.  Every. Time.  Our home has become far more raucous than I care for it to be, and my poor little girl is so miserable that I am losing even more sleep just making sure she is breathing, and comfortable (relatively-so).

Honestly, I have no idea how other moms survive having terminally, or chronically, sick babies.  My heart has been splintering into a jabillion pieces every time Baby Loquacious sniffles and I hear that awful snortle sound in her nose.  And I physically ache every time I see the little dark circles under her eyes from lack of restful slumber.

I've consulted with Dr. Google and have an appointment with my family doc for Tuesday, even though I know she's not going to be able to tell me anything that I don't already know, or haven't already done.

So, here's how our lives have been turned upside down in the past 24 hours:

1) Baby L is being medicated.  Not the OTC or prescription kind, but the homeopathic Boiron Coryzalia drops variety.

2) We had to make an emergency run to the baby boutiques to pick up Boogie Wipes and Aleva Baby Bamboo Breathe-Easy Wipes.  We're also applying Aleva Breathe Easy Chest Rub to her little chest at night.  Poor girl is dripping with snot from her nose and drool from her mouth as she tries to breathe.  It ain't pretty but I am so glad whenever I see her voiding more of that gross slimy snot; I figure, if she can get rid of it all she will feel much better.

3) I'm a non-stop nursing machine right now.  Apparently fluid intake should be upped to maximize recovery, so despite her teethy congested unpleasantries at the boob (read: biting), I am persisting in letting her nurse on demand.  She has taken full advantage of this.

4) Bed-sharing time has also increased, but only because I've been holding her in my arms (slightly elevated) so that she could get some sleep.  Tonight, however, Hubbs elevated one end of her crib by putting some towels beneath the legs.  I'm hoping she will be more comfy in her own bed this evening, although I fully expect to be woken up at least 3 times (probably 5) during the night.

5) Our cool-mist humidifier is seeing some action again.  We've not had to use it for a few months, since normally our place is pretty humid (being near the water and all), but since the mist seems to help her with the congestion, we've decided to blast that sucker.

6) Cling-on! My girl is needy needy needy, so she's getting some extra TLC today.  I hate being sick, and when I feel like crap I do love getting doted on, so I am assuming that this comfort (and comfort nursing thing) are Baby L's ways of coping with her cold.

So now it's morning, and Baby L had a relatively decent sleep.  She wasn't quite as snotty and congested last night, and so I was able to put her in the crib for a couple of short hours.  Of course, we still had the usual 4x/night wake-ups, but these weren't frought with snuffley whines as we had expected.  Don't know if it was the Coryzalia or the chest rub or our incessant prayers, but Baby L seems to have returned to her usual smiley self, and she has thus far been snot-free (praise the Lord!).

I do still hear some congestion in her nose, but given that it's not runny down her face anymore, I'm not going to bust open our brand spankin' new Zoli Baby Breathe Nasal Aspirator.

Keep me in your prayers, peeps.  Hubbs flies out in less than 20 hours.  *yikes*


Justice~! said…
I wonder if this had anything to do with the little boy with the perpetually runny nose who drooled all over everything in our house while staying with us last week...:)
Ollie is stuffy too. I think it may be allergies... Sorry, but LMAO!! the wall of pillows... OUr living room and coffee table look the same! I lost it and broke out the Pack n' play for a five monute break from chasing Oliver. He loved it! Of course I thre all of his toys in there.
~Rain``` said…
Keep at it! You are doing a great job! She'll get better!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@April - I *just* set up the P&P (we had the bassinet attachment on it for the last 7 months) and Baby L loves it too! But she is stage 5 clingy right now so I have to be within sight or else all heck breaks loose. And yeah, the pillow wall keeps her from bumping her head, and from playing with our technology!

@Rain - Thank you! She's still stuffy though, and it kills me to have to hear her choke on her snot and stop nursing to gasp for air. :(

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