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Sometimes moms like to commiserate the woes of being a mommy.  They talk about how their kids fuss and maybe they wake up 5 times a night.  They lament that their little ones cry at the drop of a hat and refuse to take naps.  They complain that their toddlers throw ugly tantrums in public and defy instructions at every turn.

Much as I sometimes also dislike being woken up for the umpteenth time in a night, I try very hard not to bemoan my situation on a regular basis.  I don't get it because, in my mind, things could be worse.  So much worse.

Like, I could have a baby who fails to thrive.  Or one who won't wake up.  Or one who has no empathy and no ability to show feelings.  My baby could have any number of physical/mental/developmental disorders and diseases.  She could be hooked up to tubes and laying in a hospital instead of beside me in my bed (for the third time, after being put in her crib and then waking up crying).  She could be crying and throwing tantrums because she is in pain, rather than because she's tired.

And so I choose to focus on things being a blessing rather than a burden.  I choose to dwell on the goodness of my God and His gracious provision for me and Hubbs, and to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.  I choose to approach my mommyhood with joy and patience and appreciation, because I have much to celebrate.  Praise the Lord.


Mrs. Loquacious said…
Thanks. :) I keep this in mind daily. Of course, I also happen across sad baby stories daily as well. Not sure why that is, except maybe the Lord is trying to teach me to cultivate a spirit of gratitude all the time!

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