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Not All Developments are Positive

Baby L is awesome, 95% of the time.  Unfortunately, there is that 5% when I just want to jump out the window and make a run for it.

Uh, Mom? Aren't you coming?!
She has become mobile, but with that comes a whole new level of separation anxiety and clingyness (sp?).  I don't always need to be holding her but I have to be within quick crawling distance, lest she suddenly get spooked and come a-crawlin'.

Speaking of spooked, she has also developed some strange hesitations (I won't call them full blown fears or phobias because she's not hysterically-scared) toward some of her toys, namely a few hand puppet animals that are more realistic-looking, and certain toys that make a giggling sound.  Creeps. Her. Out.  And she will scamper towards me, wrap her little arms tight around my neck, and bury her face in my chest for a few seconds before taking another look, getting creeped again, and repeating the process.

Baby L has also been teething, which is great for her baby-led weaning, but tough on Mommy when she decides she wants to test her chompers while nursing.  She will bite down pretty hard, and when I let out an inadvertent "Ouch!" (can't help it - at least it's not a cuss word), she will laugh.  I've tried the techniques of bringing her closer, of using my finger to delatch her, of stern warnings and the like.  No. Go.  Eventually I give up and give her a bottle if she's still hungry, which is frustrating because as you know, I'd like to nurse her until she's at least a year old.  We may not last that long, not at the rate we're going.

Which is just as well, because my child loves food.  LOVES grown-up food.  Can't get enough.  We were at an all-you-can-eat sushi place with some relatives from out of town the other night, and everyone was amazed at how my 8-month-old gobbled through 1/3 of an overflowing bowl of rice, 2/3 of an order of chicken teriyaki, the insides of a gyoza, and 2 wedges of orange.  When we're at home, sometimes Baby L will demand to eat what I'm eating, and she will keep eating until every last piece of food is gone; if I still have food and she doesn't, she'll come after mine, too.  Sometimes I suspect she can pack away even more than what I offer her, but I sort of cut her off so that she doesn't overstuff herself.

If looks could kill...
I hate sharing.

There's also a newfound love of whining, which she didn't have before.  She will whine when she's frustrated, when she's tired, when she doesn't get what she wants, when she doesn't get something fast enough, when she sees us eating, when she has to put pants on.... there is a lot of whine happening here.  If only it was wine instead.

Oh, and the diapers.  Or lack thereof.  This girl is hitting the point when diapers are an enemy.  She *hates* when we change her, particularly when we have to put her arms in sleeves (for the cooling weather) or button up her onesie buttons or pull up her pants or secure her diaper.  I wonder if she even feels cold, since the lack of coverage on her legs doesn't bother her one bit.

Yeah, I lost the battle on this one.  Left her sleeper open for her butt to air out.
So yeah, I am worn out.  I love her dearly and she's tons of fun and it is great when we snuggle or read together or play silly games (like the sock pull) with one another.  It's just not nearly so fun when my nipples ache and my ears are ringing and my tummy's half-empty and my arms feel like they might fall off.

But enough with the bitching.  I'm glad she's mine and she's healthy and one day, I'm sure her sassy little attitude will be a good thing to have.

Time for more coffee....


"I just want to jump out the window and make a run for it." DITTO!!!

I love hearing about how well Baby L is eating. I am so jealous! Ollie just kind picks and goes. He loves sucking food from the organic baby pouches, and will eat a head of brocolli if i let him... But chicken and Gyoza! Awesome!

Oh, and I too have a diaper hater. I have been laying him b==down on the floor, puttin a leg over him and chaging him as fast a possible. much easier than constantly flipping him over.

Ahh I love this age....

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