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Eating and Sleeping

So, my last post actually had several comments.  I'm shocked and amazed and frankly, a little flattered that people would take the time to chime in on my teensy corner of the web when there are like a bazillion momma bloggers out there that they could be reading instead (thanks for the edumacational lesson, First Time Mom and Dad)!

Anyway, I was thinking about my predicament with Baby L and sleeping, because to be honest, some nights are brutally hard.  Last night was one of them, and Hubbs and I both woke up this morning feeling pretty beat down.  Baby L, on the other hand, was all smiles and ready to play.  So of course it gives me pause to wonder if there isn't a better way.  More importantly, when might there be a better way.  And also, is my way ridiculously indulgent, and am I spoiling the sh!t out of Baby L and creating a future monster/narcissist?

Thankfully, I came across this post by Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician from the States who is a big proponent of attachment parenting.  I must say, reading it made me feel better, even if it didn't give me concrete answers.  His method is similar to the that of the No-Cry Sleep Solution, and I might just give it a go once Baby L is a few months older, and has settled more into her nightly routine.

Eating! The next thing I get to worry about (oh, the joys of parenthood)!

So breastfeeding is going well.  A little too well.  Baby L has always nursed on demand.  However, now that she's old enough, she demands to nurse.  As in, she will grab and tug at my top until she can get access, then she'll lunge at me head and mouth first, and will latch on whilst sitting up, lying down, on her hands and knees... and in the past two days, she has been wanting to breastfeed a lot.  I think there was one point when she nursed four times in an hour, sort of like a come-and-go buffet. I imagine she'd like nothing more than for me to hang around with my boobs out for full access at all times.  Maybe it's a growth spurt or a developmental "leap" - who knows? But I am a little chuffed with having my personal space invaded so frequently and so possessively. 

Then there's the issue of solids.  My mother raised concerns the other day that perhaps I am overfeeding my baby girl.  Really? I thought babies stopped eating when they're full.  Does that still apply when they're 10 months old? Does it apply to solids?  Because Baby L's weight is spot-on the curve, and to be honest I am happy for her to get a little chunky so that she'll have something to lose when she starts walking.  However, I made the mistake of mentioning to my mom that Baby L will sometimes down 2 mandarin oranges or a whole banana as part of her meal.  Yes, part. Because she will also eat a cup of noodles and a few pieces of meat, a slice of real cheese, and sometimes some veggies (depending on what kind - she's a little picky about her greens).

And yes, Baby L tends to finish most (if not all) of her food.  She hasn't quite figured out how to sign "more" but sometimes she'll stare or reach for food, which is as good an indicator as any.  Other times, she'll eat all that I give her and on rare occasions, she'll just eat the fruit and call it a day.  But she's never had a tummy ache that keeps her from sleeping, and post-eating has never been a fussy time for her.

So I'm at a loss.  Am I over feeding? Feeding too little? Just right? I think I'm over the "recommended portions" I've seen online, but again, this hasn't resulted in a particularly chunky monkey, so it's hard to say.

Anyway, that's where we're at.  Yesterday we discovered that she likes mushroom risotto cakes with truffle oil.  She's not so keen on cake donuts though ;)


mitzerella said…
i think you're fine and baby is fine.

my mom told me that i was giving a banana too late at night (it was 630pm (he was on his way to eating the entire banana post dinner). i didnt understand it at all and still don't.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Weird. I didn't know there was a cut-off time for feeding baby! ;) Mine eats whenever she wants, although formal meals take place when it's mealtime and we do try to eat early enough for her to bathe and get to bed for 7:00ish.
I wish I had the answers for you. We just finished with a week and a half of the cold. Ollie at poorly, slept poorly a d nursed often. I'm Hopi g things change because I need more than 2/4 solid hours of sleep
Kitten said…
Your baby will eat until they are full and then they will stop. I assure you. My son was an eater -- a crazy eater. He'd eat solids until we ran out of his favorite food. He'd comfort eat and eating with his favorite hobby. I once left him with my best friend for two hours and he ate all the food we left, some oatmeal she prepared him, and her gnocchi. She let him have the gnocchi because he just stared at her and cried while she was trying to eat.

He was middle of the line (50%) on the weight scale and 90% for length but people would badger us up and down about his eating.

Then, ate age two, he stopped. He went from crazy eater to slight grazer. He stopped gaining weight, really. Two years later, he will have eating spurts, but mostly he just nibbles. Babies have their own food needs. Just go with it. Under the age of 3, they're most likely not going to stuff themselves to the point of discomfort.

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