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Bed-Share Scare

So, in the middle of the night, I woke up on my side and felt Hubbs' snoozing breath on my shoulder.  I turned to face him, then realized that my darling Little L wasn't lying between us.  Startled into sober alertness, I shook his shoulder, asking, "Where is she??!" We whipped off the blanket between us and saw nothing but bed.

Then, he groaned and said, "Ugh.  She's beside you."  I turned, and sleeping peacefully in a ball with her bottom in the air and legs tucked primly under her body, was my Little L.  She was sleeping in my usual spot, the spot that I had half-consciously moved her to when I switched breasts for nursing earlier in the night.

Usually, Little L sleeps between Hubbs and I.  I know, it's a total bed-share faux-pas, but since we have a giant king-sized bed and both he and I only usually sleep on the edges of the bed, on our sides, there is ample room for my little snoozing gymnast to do all of her wacky moves.  We don't usually pull the blanket up very far, and she usually sleeps on top of the blanket, so there's little chance of overheating or suffocating.  The bonus of having her in the middle is that we don't need to install a guard rail, since we are two walls that prevent her from rolling off the bed.

Anyway, on occasion I do move her to the side, so that a) I can have a little wee snuggle with my hot Hubbs, and b) so that I can properly nurse her on the other side.  When I do, I often drape my arm around her to sense her movements, in the event she decides to roll.  For some weird reason, yesterday I was in a particularly deep slumber and must have moved my arm away, thereby losing that ability to track her whereabouts on the bed.

Suffice to say, I was pretty awake after that little scare.  And what did I do with the time it took me to get back to sleep? Investigate the purchase of a guard rail.  Cuz, y'know, you can never be too safe, and next time I may not be so lucky.


Incidentally, I had dreamt that she did roll off the bed, under Hubbs' watch, and she managed to roll behind the night table as well.  But in my dream, she didn't even blink an eye; she was totally fine and uninjured.  Then my dream morphed into one where Little L said her first sentence.  That sentence was, "My mouth is hurting."  LOL.  I guess I must really think she's teething!


Kitten said…
I'm going to admit to being a horrible parent here, so feel free to judge me -- but when my son was a year and a half, he had asthma attacks that left him crying and scared. So, in the middle of the night, I'd retrieve him from his room and put him in our bed. Only, my husband would roll over our cats regularly in bed, so I would always put him on MY side with my arm around him. This worked because I'm the lightest sleeper in the land.

We only had a queen sized bed, and one time, after a WEEK of poor sleep and doing this, I fell into a really deep sleep. I bet you know where I'm going with this, right? He fell out of the bed and woke us all up with his screaming.

He was fine two minutes later (in between us), but... Yeah, horrifying. I did learn he was finally bigger and more resilient then.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Thankfully our new mattress isn't as high as our old one, but since our bedroom is still hardwood, I'm not thrilled with the idea of Little L falling on it (she has done it twice and both times there were tears and some measure of guilt on my part). As such, I try (as much as possible) to keep her in the middle of the bed.

After last night, I am going to be extra vigilant!

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