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Before Toddler, After Toddler - Travel Edition

Before: Go anywhere, at any time, as long as budget allows
After: Go anywhere (that's kid-friendly), at any time (that works around her nap schedule), as long as budget allows (for the biggest hotel room with kitchen(ette) possible so she has space to run around)

Before: Road trips sitting in the front seat, sipping a Starbucks latte
After: Road trips squished in the backseat beside the carseat, with two giant bags of books and toys and a diaper bag and another bag for garbage and sippy cups taking up cupholder real estate

Before: Sleep in until our tummies wake us up in hunger
After: Sleep until our toddler wakes us up in hunger

Before: Soak in the jetted soaker tubs together with Hubbs for hours
After: Soak in the jetted soaker tubs, with jets off, with Little L for mere minutes

Before: Hitting up the best-rated restaurants for swanky dinners and drinks
After: Hit up the nearest McDonalds or kid-friendly restaurant with high chairs and a tolerance for wandering tots, *or* go to the grocery store and quickly buy food to cook and eat in-suite

Before: Romantic dining that takes 3 hours
After: Shift-dining that takes approximately 5 minutes per person
Before: See all the great tourist attractions in the area
After: See all of the nearby playgrounds or petting zoos or other kid-play zones

Before: Itinerary would be full, with shopping squeezed in
After: One event per day is the limit, and two if we want to test fate (we don't).

Before: Packed my cutest outfits and multiple pairs of shoes, cuz you never know when you might need them
After: Packed my easiest-access nursing clothes that aren't worn thin, and packed minimally so that we could make room for toddler stroller, toys and books in the bags and vehicle

Before: Hot tubbing with Hubbs
After: Indoor pool splashing with Hubbs and Little L

Before: Frequent, sometimes spontaneous, trips with Hubbs
After: Occasional, well-planned trips with Little L that look to be reducing in frequency in the next few months :(

Sometimes, I miss the "before" life just a little.  But then I stare at this cutie patootie face, and the sacrifices don't seem so bad:


OH. MAH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Tooooo Funny. and oh so freaking true! Talk about a favorite post. xx

mazoola said…
We are on the same boat with 1 4 5 6 7! I'd like to add that I used to be able to order whatever I want, now someone has to order something with a fries option haha
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Thanks ladies! :) I am so glad I'm not alone. Already thinking about Thanksgiving weekend across the border, and what that might look like. Sometimes I really do miss those glorious child-free days, and am eager for that season of life to return!

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