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Easter Loot

So, out of sheer curiosity, what's in your kidlet's Easter basket this year? Growing up, we didn't do anything of the sort for Easter, nor did we observe it or celebrate it as any more than just a bonus two days off from school. My folks didn't have a lot of spare change to drop on candy or toys, and I wasn't surrounded by tales of some anthropomorphic rabbit leaving behind presents.

Hubbs, however, got a basket every year from "the Easter bunny;" when he was little, he had to go look for them hidden away somewhere in his house. It was a tradition. When I joined his family, I also started getting baskets. Yes, I was in my late twenties.

Anyway, I wanted to adopt this tradition for Little L because I know her grandparents will want to do baskets for her, and because I do see Easter as a time of great celebration and gifting (arguably, even moreso than Christmas). Jesus gave His precious blood and His broken body, because God loved us that much. This propitiation for our sins is what allows us to receive His great gifts of grace and mercy - forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and the promised Holy Spirit's indwelling.

Of course, chocolate eggs and baskets of stuffed animals do not even compare to the spiritual and eternal gifts that I'm talking about, but nonetheless, it's a start (for a toddler who doesn't quite understand abstract things yet).  I want to use these (small, concrete) gifts as a launching point to help her understand that the gifts of God are not earned, they are not rewarded, and they are awesome, abundant and extravagant. They are worth being excited about and celebrating!

Anyway, I'm also fascinated by what others put into their baskets. Elena from Art of Making a Baby is getting her little girl these things. Here's what's in mine:

1. Chapters Indigo Easter basket - but ours is an off-white sheep one from last season, bought after Easter for half price!
2. Alex Toys bath flutes
3. Crayola sidewalk chalk
4. Little Critters' "I Am Playing" board book 
5. Orajel Elmo toothbrush and toothpaste
6. Glow-in-the-dark Minnie Mouse "wands" from Dollar Tree
7. Sesame Street stickers
8. Minnie Mouse self-inking stamp
9. Hopscotch Kids nail polish
10. Daniel Tiger mini-plush figures (Miss Elaina, Prince Wednesday, O the Owl) - not shown because they are still being shipped

We also have an egg hunt planned, although the eggs aren't the awesome non-toxic eco-eggs that I wanted (not available in Canada), and I'm filling them with Lindt milk chocolate bunnies and eggs.

So yeah, a pretty good bounty for Little L. We plan to give these to her on a separate day (maybe Good Friday) and do the egg hunt on Sunday (or vice versa), just because we don't want to overwhelm her all in one day.

Are you doing something for your littles? I'm always on the lookout for good ideas at Easter to make the day special for a toddler. Any suggestions?


mazoola said…
we never got easter loots in our house growing up. this is like deja vu of a conversation i had with my colleagues which began with me saying, "you give gifts during Easter?" aside from the commercial aspects of Easter, our family does take the opportunity to feast and celebrate!
Andrea Firmani said…
Growing up we did both parts of Easter and we totally understood the message...and we liked the chance to get together with family and also eat some treats.

This year we are doing an egg hunt with the cousins! I try not to overdo it with the sugar treats and have some fun Spring themed gifts to replace the sweets. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, little fuzzy wind up chicks.

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