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Shifting Gears

It has been lurking in the back of my mind for a while now - this tension between public and private, consumable and confidential. When I started this blog, it was a way to chronicle my thoughts, experiences, discoveries (and opinions!) as a newbie momma. I was holed up at home and needed an outlet. My family and friends were a bazillion miles away and wanted to find out about my new bundle of joy. As I navigated unfamiliar parental territory, it just seemed like a perfect channel to work through my own ideas while keeping everyone in the loop.

However, a few things have changed since two years ago. One: Little L is getting older and more aware, and is starting to really let her personality shine through as she emerges as her own little person. While this makes for some very fun anecdotes, I recognize that she never volunteered to be my blogging muse. Since the internet is "forever," and what's put up can never really be removed, I want to be more careful and intentional about what I post about Little L; after all, she will have to live with it "out there" for a long time. 

Secondly, this blog used to get 15 views, mostly from family and close friends. The numbers have gone up since then, but I have no idea who is reading and what their intentions are. Much as I would like to believe that everyone looking right now is simply curious or loves us, my experience is that there are others who read this blog with the intention of finding something to get fired up about and to hate on. I'm not sure what makes us a "target" but I think any time when someone has a different opinion, and it makes others (particularly a majority) uncomfortable, the divergent one takes the heat or gets attacked/judged for being a dissenting voice. The web allows for anonymity, and in a space where that and herd mentality and hate speech are all interwoven in an ugly tapestry, unkindness is permitted to reign. I do not wish to potentially subject my young daughter to this.

So I'm switching directions and changing gears. As I move forward, I will no longer post pics of my darling on here or Twitter. I will also refrain from discussing specifics about her. Those who want to see her little antics or cutie-pie face can ask to follow my IG (msloquaciousfamily) or my FB (if you know me "in real life"). Anecdotes and short stories will be posted on those more private forums. 

On the blog, I will also focus more on my own musings as mom and wife, and as a Jesus-follower. I have thoughts on a lot of other non-mommy things, which probably has a more universal appeal anyway! I feel like this protects Little L from needless scrutiny and gives her some privacy until such time that she is old enough to choose to blog for herself :) It also provides me with a continuing outlet for my thoughts and ramblings :)  As a grown-up secure in my own person, I am more than capable of dealing with the judgment of being "public."

So if you want, feel free to come along for the ride! :)


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