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Put Together, Or How I am a Hot Mess

I don't know how they do it. There are some gorgeous mommas out there who are always completely made-up, wear matching accessories, and sport the cutest still-in-season outfits. This, despite having multiple kids, or having a very young baby at home, or having a busy job and no nanny.

I'm not even sure how to keep my clothes clean.

And truth be told, I can't think of too many times in the past month when I've worn something that wasn't a) leggings, b) made of a jersey/stretchy cotton-blend material, c) button-free, d) nursing-friendly. My gorgeous Stella & Dot accessories only see the light of day on date nights, which are infrequent at best. All of my make-up has pretty much expired from lack of use (with all but my eyeliner and mascara pre-dating Little L). And even shoes -  the last several pairs I've purchased have all been for comfort rather than aesthetics.

Welcome to my hot mess.

Is it because I'm an attachment-style parent? Because I didn't sleep train my kid to sleep a predictable 12 every night? Because I'm opting to continue nursing beyond the 6-month deadline that most set for themselves? I have no idea. I just know that I've gone from fabulous to semi-presentable to frumpy in just a few years' time.

And Hubbs loves me despite this, bless him. But few things are as terribly eroding for self-esteem than bumping into a hot momma when I'm in hot mess mode, complete with messy ponytail and dirty sleeves (thanks Little L).

I have a few big events to attend in the next week and a half, including the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Evening and the Van Aqua Gala. As I examined my wardrobe, it alarmed me to discover that I really don't own any article of clothing that costs more than the Gala ticket, and most of my dresses are either 6 years old, or scored on sale at Old Navy, or made from some stretchy ponte or rayon. The event is black tie optional, peeps. Hubbs even went and got himself a dapper BOSS suit from Harry Rosen just for the occasion, so I cannot possibly show up in my $29 shift dress!

So what should I wear? Where should I go to find myself a pretty cocktail number that is in a larger size and reasonably priced (but not discount-bin cheap)?  Help.

And thank goodness that one of these hot mommas happens to be my friend and my neighbor, and also a senior Stella stylist. She is going to have her work cut out for her, turning this pumpkin into a princess ;)

But seriously, if you're a put together mom, you need to dish and tell me how you do it. I want to know the secret of looking put-together, or at least, of not looking like a mommy in the trenches! What tips can you offer on how to look your best every day? (and yeah yeah, I always put a smile on my face. Please don't use that old adage).

See? Nursing tank, stretchy skirt, and this is a "nicer" outfit already. YIKES


mazoola said…
i keep things simple, i wear black.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Welcome to my entire wardrobe, Mitzi! LOL!!

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