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Lessons from a Long Long Weekend

No, I don't mean long weekend as in a holiday. I mean, it felt like it didn't end because the days seemed to go on forever when Little L came down with one of the worst non-GI bugs she has ever had. We are talking near 40'C fevers, non-stop nursathons, hacking coughs, runny nose and 48 hours of lethargy and listlessness. And she kept coughing and sneezing right into my face, too; it's a miracle I'm still standing.

Here is what I learned from the experience:

Finally asleep. She's such an angel when she's passed out cold.

1) Breastfeeding saves lives. Okay, maybe not quite, but it kept my girl from coughing all night (read: I actually did manage to get some sleep despite being her soother all night long), and kept her hydrated when even cupcakes and ice cream had lost all their appeal. It was weird, you guys. It's always weird when your little girl turns down her favourite sweet treats. That's when you know it's a big bad bug.

Post Tylenol, her eyes didn't look like she had been smoking up.

2) Tylenol Chewables to the rescue! The liquid version was apparently "too sweet" for Little L, but she wolfed down the fast melting tablets like candy and was much more alert and herself within the hour. It actually had me convinced that she was better, until I skipped a dose and she went right back to being dopey.
Like the days of old when I'd selfie from the LazyBoy while she snoozed on my chest.
3) TV is good for something - entertaining my kid and taking her mind off her misery during those rare alert hours when she didn't have the strength to move, and only wanted to cuddle and watch the Tigger Movie on Netflix. I think we viewed that movie a dozen times since she fell ill. And now I hate it.

I can't remember where I bought this, but it's the best saline EVER. And grapey.

4) Always stockpile cold and flu reserves. The things we needed and had on hand included: Aleva Natural Nose n' Blows wipes, Boogie Mist saline spray, Vicks Vaporub, Natural Factors Echinamide Quick Blast capsules, liquid honey, lemons, chicken broth, and of course copious amounts of cracker-style snacks. I'm adding Tylenol chewables to the list now! Did I mention that during this weekend of hellish suffering, we were out of Nespresso capsules? That, too, should be stockpiled. Lesson learned.

A week later, we are on the mend. But just in case we are still contagious, you might want to stay away from us for a week longer ;)


I can totally relate, but with older kids. My son has been home all week with a cough/fever/runny nose. :-( And my younger son has had the cough. Not fun, and I wish I'd stockpiled more. Heading to Shoppers Drug Mart tomorrow to stock up for next time!
Andrea Firmani said…
Awe, it is so sad when your kids are sick and especially so when it goes day in and day out. When one of the kids is sick we often make them up a 'sick bed' in the living room. I like to keep my eye on them and they veg out and watch tv and sleep within my sigh. Glad to hear your girly is on the mend!
Ugh sick kids... although I must admit I do relish the quiet of extra naps.
One Crazy Kid said…
It's so tough when your kids are sick. It is great when you are nursing though, it's so comforting and soothing for them. Glad to hear you are all on the mend!

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