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Mid-March Monday Round-Up

I sometimes forget that not everyone who reads this blog is my FB friend. I see a lot of interesting, thought-provoking links on there, and usually share them with my social network. Since you may not have been privy to those links, allow me to share some of these with you here! Little L happened to hit the sack early (8:30!) on Saturday night, so I had a few spare minutes before my bedtime. Of course, it then took me two days to put pictures on this post, but whatevs. Here ya go.

Not sitting at breakfast. I chose to pick my battles, and this wasn't one.

10 Things I Thought Were Caused by Bad Parenting... Before I Had My Own Kids
This totally made me feel better about the "threenager" in our household

Why You Should Stop Giving Your Kid a Bath Every Night
Good news for Little L!

To The Losers Who Haven't Sleep Trained Their Babies
I feel you, Renegade Mommy who wrote this. And I also laughed.

Separation Anxiety: When Saying Good-Bye is Hard
Helpful and enlightening, with some great tips at the end on how to help.

Many Van Kindergarten Parents Scrambling for Space
This is why it was such a big deal that Little L got into her preschool; it means that she will have priority entry into kindergarten. Sadly, many parents in my neighborhood are in panic because we lack enough kindie space for all of the 5 year-olds in our area of the city to attend the nearest schools.

Body Shaming Victim Gets Unbelievable Support
This really made me feel good.

The Drop Box Film
Pastor Lee reminds me a little bit of my dad, and has a very inspirational story to share. 

Love this bundled little girl! Did you know she protects others? Through vaccination.
And now, for the controversial links. I know I'm not going to convince you if you think otherwise, but I like to disseminate factual information, even when it might potentially contribute to "mommy wars."

Jimmy Kimmel's Message to the Anti-Vaxxers (Video)

Mad Mom Tells Off Anti-Vaxxers

RANT: Yes, I know I'll be stepping on some toes with these links, but I kinda don't care, because the health and lives of innocent young children are at stake, and we currently lack the herd immunity to offer sufficient protection to society's most vulnerable populations. The onus and the blame rests with those who have healthy kids and refuse to have them vaccinated, thereby allowing formerly-eradicated diseases to launch a comeback. While other controversial parenting issues like discipline, CIO, full-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc etc affect nobody but a parent's own children in the end, vaccinations (or a lack thereof) have a direct impact on other people, particularly other young kids and the elderly. Therefore, it's not ultimately a matter of subjective "personal choice" but of social responsibility. There is no gray area, and no place for "it's right for you, but not for me" thinking.  There is no room to play fast and loose with proven, scientific facts. If a parent won't vaccinate their healthy, non-immuno-compromised children, they suscept others to contract dangerous and deadly diseases, and what they are doing is wrong. There, I said it. There is a "right" and a "wrong" in this particular case, and the anti-vaxxers are wrong. They should absolutely feel shamed for their choice, because this ignorant and selfish decision harms others. And that is simply not okay.


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Now, to be clear, we purchased a Clek WEELEE bag to transport our car seat on our flight to and from Maui, *and* we checked our car seat with our airline, which I know is a big CPS Tech no-no. They argue that any car seat that has been checked is as good as crashed, because the potential rough handling of the seat by the carrier compromises its integrity and could damage it internally. My experience (now that I've done it) is this:

a) The Weelee bag is very well padded and sturdy. Once I had the seat properly placed inside the bag, I felt that it was as good as any seat in a styrofoam-packaged box. The bonus, of course, is that unlike a box, the Weelee has a telescopic handle and deeply-grooved, rugged wheels, …

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The choice: full-term, aka "extended," breastfeeding. Little L and I chose to continue our nursing journey beyond age 2, and 3, and even 4. In fact, we only weaned a couple of weeks ago. We had already stopped nursing in public and nursing on demand several years earlier, but it was only recently that Little L was ready to completely wean from her nighttime and early morning sessions; she had finally outgrown her need to drink from my milk. The most clear signs of this were her growing desire for "privacy" and alone time, and her "nye-nye"

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That said, my wallet hates me for it. Those amazing liners cost $30 a pop, and they only last a couple of months at the rate that I use them. 
So, as any responsible adult tries to do, I've attempted to save money and find a cheaper alternative. I've used all sorts of liners sent by IPSY, or bought at my local drugstore. Unfortunately, every attempt I've made has resulted in great regret. The brush applicator was too wide or too short. The eyeliner smudged too easily. The pigment wasn't dark enough. You get the idea.
However, I think I've finally found m…