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Low Rise: A Big Problem

Little L is a fairly tall and big child for her age. She weighs nearly 37 pounds and reaches almost 39" in height. Her clothing size is fairly consistently a 4T, although depending on fit she can wear anything from a 3T to an XS (4-5) in the girls' department.

A problem I've noticed recently is that when Little L wears certain pants (and sometimes even when she wears leggings), she risks revealing some bum crack. The top of her underpants often end up showing, as does that section of her tailbone that leads to her bottom.

This is immensely disturbing to me, because she's 3 years old, and the people who design and make her clothing should (in theory) be cognizant that the consumers of their bottoms would be very young. Some kids her age still wear diapers, so one would think that the problem would be one of excess material around the butt, or pants with too high a rise to accommodate puffy diapers, not the opposite.

It also pisses me off because our society, as a whole, has a tendency towards explicit material and the hypersexualization / oversexualization of children, particularly young girls. Some light reading on the topic:

30% of Girls' Clothing is Sexualized in Major Sales Trend

Protecting Children from a Sexualized Childhood

The Disturbing Sexualization of Really Young Girls

A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters

I won't bother rehashing the content already described in these links. Suffice it to say, I am not interested in making Little L look "sexy" or "trendy" or like a Bratz/Barbie doll. I don't want her navel or her ass to be on display, and I don't appreciate that my purchases at Old Navy or Target or Joe Fresh will sometimes cause her to have a plumber bum. I think I am going to have to start bringing a tape measure to check the inseams/rises on pants before I buy them for her. And I am going to have to start putting her in tunics and dresses along with pants, to compensate for the low-rise problems we are now encountering.

This is just so wrong on so many levels. I'm gutted that this issue even exists. Why can't kids just dress like kids?! When even pants get the sexualized treatment, our culture needs to give its head a shake!


RPC's Mom said…
I've got a bigger kid and we very rarely if ever have this problem. I veer away from Target/Old Navy because I don't think they just have a good fit to begin with which is the bulk of the problem. I think they just have slimmer cuts. We wear a lot of Gymboree, Carter's, Crazy 8 and crazy enough Wal-mart and don't have that problem. Not every brand is suited to every body style.
LaurenLC said…
Yet you follow that loon Elena from the art of making a baby, like some lovesick high schooler! Talk about someone who sexualizes their child!
LaurenLC said…
Yet you follow that loon, Elena, from the art of making a baby, like some lovesick teenager! Talk about someone who sexualizes their child!!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
RPC's Mom - True, true; grown-ups have a hard time with this too! Not all brands are for all little (or big) body types!

I'm finding that Walmart also fits small on Little L, however; she has been wearing their size 5 leggings for the past 6 months! That said, we haven't really ventured into Gymboree and Children's Place territory, and we don't have a Carters nearby (that I know of). I may need to branch out into other labels, though. Do you have favourites?
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Oh hi LaurenLC! I guess you *really* wanted to state your mind with TWO comments (saying essentially the same thing). You must be really frustrated. Are you following GOMI guidelines with your comment? I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to comment here, unless of course you have something to add that is actually relevant to the post at hand.

And as for whether I read or "follow" other bloggers, I do! I read people who share my views and people who totally don't. I read people who have some very strange ideas about what is appropriate parenting, and others who I think have excellent judgement as parents.

Based on your comments, I would conclude that you assume that because I read a particular blogger, that I must absolutely agree with everything that she says or does. Assumptions are dangerous, you know! And given your logic and the fact that you've read *my* blog (enough to even comment...TWICE), should I then conclude that you "follow" me or agree with everything I say?...

But thanks for stopping by! I wasn't expecting notoriety but I appreciate the "readership" hits! :)
RPC's Mom said…
Children's Place is a little snug fit on my kiddo as well. Do y'all have JCP? Their okey dokie brand we've had some luck with as well. Gymboree/Crazy 8/carters is still where we've had the most luck!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
RPC's Mom - We don't have JCP, although crossing the border isn't a big deal for us. I think there's one at Bellis Fair. I *love* Carters but that's another one that we have to cross the border to access, simply because one isn't close by (although I know they do have 'em in Canada). I will check with Gymboree (and I've never heard of Crazy 8). :P Thanks for the recommendations!
RPC's Mom said…
Crazy 8 is the "lower" brand of the Janie/Jack and Gymboree family!
Kitten said…
I have a tiny girl born in the same month as yours. She's less than 25 lbs and wears a 2T still. Based on OUR experiences of not being able to find clothes that actually don't fall off her tush because they're too loose, you might have luck with Gymboree. I'd say skip Target and Gap which normally fits my daughter pretty well. One's gotta assume they run small due to that.

Part of the problem with 4T and XS might be that most designers assume that the diapers stop at 3T and they stop building in that extra poof of tush area for that age.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
I'm sensing a trend here, so I will for sure check out Gymboree! And I know that most kids are out of diapers by the time they hit size 4, but I can't believe that even without diapers these pants ride so low!! Little L needs spring/summer clothes so maybe I will put the word out to family too: no more Wal-mart/ON/Joe Fresh bottoms!

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