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Three Year Old Conversations

Our lives are very different now that we have a preschooler with a fairly good vocabulary and a lot of imagination. As she tries to make sense of her world, sometimes her logic just takes a strange turn into WTF territory. We tried to capture a few of these sometimes funny, sometimes just strange exchanges we have with Little L.

Me: Is it delicious, or what?!
LL: No, it's not what.
Me: So is it delicious?
LL: No, it's tasty.

After she violently throws her toy plane into the bath:
Hubbs: Whoa! What happened to your plane?
LL: It's a sea plane! 

As Hubbs tries to show me some PDA:
LL: No! I want to hug Mommy so that Daddy doesn't give her a smooch!

Narrating a story to herself soon after she has made a request to see the fountain at Aberdeen Mall:
And then the mini pen said to me, "Oh yes, I would love to go into the fountain!

In describing the "hammer" pond, which has been the unfortunate recipient of her pine cone "deposits":
And the pond is full of hammers and fish and pine cones thrown by little girls... 

In a random conversation between Hubbs and Little L during one of their drives to the Oval:

LL: Want to talk about my problem at mommy's school!
Hubbs: What problem?
LL: When we were at mommy's school, they wouldn't let anyone out of Mommy's school… So I snuck out of the school.
Hubbs: What happened then?
LL: Then I went home...I carred home.

On explaining the spelling of "funnel":
The funnel is "fun" with an "L"!

After I'm teasing about joining them on their daddy-daughter date, Little L points to my Starbucks cup and "reads": 
"Look! It says Mommy, do not go to the Oval!"
"Daddy didn't say Helen Helen Helen starts with H...Daddy said Helen Helen Helen starts with C! What a funny joke!" (Laughs)

On explaining the juice she is drinking (and as she considers that "grapple" juice is grape+apple):
It's called "grorange" juice because it has apple juice and orange juice together in it!
Me: You haven't finished your grape tomato!
LL: It's NOT a grape tomato. It's a *great* tomato!

Following our visit across the border, where we discovered that the McDonalds in Washington State doesn't serve gravy (because poutine is decidedly Canadian):

LL: You know...I don't think I want to go to the States again.
Me: Why? 
LL: Because they don't have gravy!

Lately, her imagination has led to some wildly fictional stories being told in matter-of-fact manner, such as this gem:

LL: The other day, at Beard Papa, Daddy got mad at the cream puff people.
Me: Why?
LL: Because they gave him mint cream puffs and he didn't like them!

LL: Oh no! I made a mess!
Me: Here! Let me get you a napkin!
LL: I don't need one. I already wiped it up!

Me: With what?!
LL: My hand napkin!

She can be quite a handful, but life is never dull with Little L. She is a talker, and the things that sometimes come out of her mouth are just hilarious. She keeps us on our toes, but she keeps us laughing too!

My goofy girl


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