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Why The Tree May Be Staying Boxed This Year

Our 2013 tree. She loved it.

In past years, I have consistently made a stink about not setting up the Christmas tree in a timely manner. Hubbs is not into Christmas decorating, so convincing him to assist me in hauling all of the Christmas stuff up from storage has always been a challenge, and more often than not, a bribe is usually involved. I, however, am the person who cranks the Christmas station on the XM dial the moment Remembrance Day is over. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Christmas, from the festive golds and forest greens and cherry reds, to the special merchandise packaging "gift sets," to the bustling malls aglitter with artificial trees and ornaments. For me, the season comes alive with holiday cheer (and holiday grouchiness, which I have an inexplicable ability to block out), and I ride it like a drug-induced high (or at least, what I perceive a high to be. I've never taken drugs).

This year, however, my November has been filled up with book-selling events. Between that and being a mom and a substitute teacher and soon-to-be tutor, my days are full. I have barely had the time to sit down and think about Christmas gifts, much less ponder decorating our home space (that we will only be occupying for a portion of the holiday season, thanks to our warm destination Christmas this winter). We are in a newer, bigger space this Christmas as well, which means there is a lot more potential surface area to cover.

Anyway, I am not stoked at all when I even briefly think about adorning our abode for the holidays. Seriously, I am dreading it. So not like me, right? I know. But part of it is the work that I know is involved, and part of it is the fact that we won't even be able to enjoy it for the entirety of the month; I feel overwhelmed even considering it. Of course, that Hubbs is now working on-site at his client locations does not help one bit; before, I could rely on him to be here to assist during the work day, but now I only get to see him at the end of the
day after his lengthy commute. He's spent, I'm spent, and thus the tree remains boxed in our garage.

Not our tree, but *a* tree that was on display at Nana & YeYe's hotel last year.

Little L has been getting festive, though; she remembers that we have a certain Little People Nativity set in one of our boxes, and she has been waiting for a few months now to gain access to the figurines again. And so, much to my chagrin, I simply cannot avoid doing something to make our home merry. It's not for me, it's for the little girl who is just now starting to comprehend and develop a taste for the merriment and cheer that comes with the holidays. I don't want to rob her of the experience and anticipation of Christmas, and I know that the glittery ornaments and wreaths and knickknacks all somehow add to the excitement of this glorious season.

But if I can figure out a workaround, we are not putting up a tree this year. I'll keep ya posted! ;)


Bonnie Way said…
We have only put up a tree twice in our eight years of marriage. Every other year we've gone away for Christmas (to see family) so like you, I've found it hard to justify the work of putting up a tree we won't really enjoy for very long. Instead, I decorate in other ways, like hanging stockings and ornaments from our bookshelves or lamps or curtain rods, and getting out Christmas books, CDs, DVDs, and toys (like your Nativity set!) for the girls. Or I have the girls make Christmas crafts and we put those up around the house (and decide to either keep them or throw them out at the end of the season, depending on the craft). Whatever you do, I hope you have a merry Christmas!!!
mazoola said…
I'm with you on the Christmas high! i have 103.5qm/fm blasting whenever possible...who can't love 24/7 Christmas music?!?! Our tree is up as of last week. In our home though, Gene puts it up and he's the only one who is allowed to put it up and take it down according to him, because there's a rationale for how the balls are placed and how they're packed away. I know right? I'm more of a wherever person, as long as the tree is decorated. see you on our date!!

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