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An Unexpected Life

Oh, 2015. You definitely bested 2014, but you were not without challenge and change. From new careers to new homes and new life experiences, the year was neither predictable nor intended. We considered that our annual theme for 2015 would be "renewal," but in hindsight perhaps a better word would have been "unexpected."

As I reflect on where we are right now as we close off 2015, I marvel at where God has been leading this motley crew of three. There was Hubbs' career pivot; the unanticipated transitions that he made from being a founder/CTO at a small start-up to fielding Director/VP of Technology opportunities at several exciting new ventures. We currently sit in consideration of the offers on the table, so stay tuned to his LinkedIn to see where God directs us!
Earlier than we expected, we also found the perfect townhome in the 'burbs to relocate to. Our timeline would have had us moving during the summer months, but God in His goodness provided us with a bigger space to call "home" in May. And while we do miss the proximity we used to have to the train line and downtown, we are so grateful and excited to be in a gorgeous community that feels more intimate and family-friendly. The extra 600 square feet and private two-car garage are nice, too!

Our new home also provided me with the space I needed to finally become an Usborne Books independent consultant, pursuing a direct sales business opportunity that I've had my eye on for several years. I didn't expect to actually sign on and hit the ground running in 2015, but with Hubbs' support and my own very keen interest in the product, I've been able to tackle this new endeavour much earlier than I had anticipated.

This year we also witnessed Little L's very slow and unexpectedly difficult transition into preschool, but we are so thankful that her attendance has provided us with extra eyes and ears to observe and confirm the exceptional qualities that make Little L a non-traditional learner. We anticipate that 2016 will bring us increasing clarity and insight into how best to support our daughter in her new role as a student.

To celebrate the good health of my mother-in-law, we were also surprised with an invitation to spend Christmas 2015 in Palm Desert with Hubbs' family! Although Hubbs and I had previously concluded that we wanted to wait a few more years before taking Little L to the "Happiest Place on Earth," this gift of a trip led us to seize the chance to go to Disneyland over the Christmas season. I will share a few of my thoughts on doing Disney with my loquacious little kid in a separate post, but suffice to say we did not expect to be blown away by both the generosity of my in-laws and the magic of experiencing Disneyland through the eyes of a 3.5-year-old. What a great blessing!

There were other less-awesome "unexpected" moments too, like the receipt of our extraordinary tax bill and the sudden dismissal of our accountant (those are indeed related), but for the most part, 2015 was filled with a positive surprises. Where God will take us next is a complete mystery to us, but we find ourselves filled with great hope and anticipation as we enter into 2016 believing it to be an even better year than the last.

And while the word "unexpected" is likely to continue to dominate into the first half of 2016, I feel like there may be another theme for the next annum. More on that later, but for now, happy new year, and may your days be filled with hope and the expectation of great things to come!


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