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Three Monday Must-Buys

Here's a quick recap of a few things I've recently discovered and highly recommend to you. Let me know if you're already a fan - these aren't necessarily new products, just new to me!

Trader Joe's Face Products 
EDIT: Nevermind, back to the drawing board 

Remember how I was really loving Laneige, until I wasn't anymore? My nose was starting to be riddled with tiny pimples, the result of what I suspect was a too-rich formulation of their skin care system for my t-zone. I am still digging their Water Night Mask, but I'm out of their toner (which I also loved), and the other steps have long since been abandoned from my routine for making my nose break out. 

I had briefly moved on to the La Roche-Posay Hydrophase system, the result of a hasty and desperate drug store search for some product to replace my Laneige. Sure, I could have done some proper research and gone higher end, but I was working with a month-end beauty budget and a distinct lack of time, so I settled based on the beauty department lady's recommendation. Never trust the lady behind the counter! I disliked the steps of that system and the product never felt right on my face. I may just be tossing it into the garbage, because it's really not worth giving away or reselling. 

So we were at Trader Joe's the other day, and I decided on a whim to try their natural facial products, namely their (new) Nourish Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer, Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum, and Nourish All-in-One Facial Cleanser. The final tab for all three items was less than $25US, so I figured it was a no harm-no foul experiment to see if their products would work on my skin.

You guys. Soooooo awesome. The cleanser is totally fragrance-free, gentle, and my face doesn't feel like it is being pulled when I'm done. The serum is my fave! It is thick and gel-like but totally mattes my face and preps it for moisturizer. It honestly reminds me of Smashbox's primer. I'm very happy with how it seals in moisture and makes my dry cheeks feel smooth and velvety. Finally, the lotion is also very rich but somehow it doesn't leave me shiny. I love that it keeps my mug hydrated all day long when worn with the serum (I haven't tried it on its own). While none of the lotions would be considered lightweight, together they feel like a good kind of barrier between my dry skin and the elements; they also make me feel like my face has plumped up (in a good way, not like carb bloat). I've had them on for a full day and it still feels like the products are working and locking moisture in. For $25US? A win. Also these are supposed to be natural products without harsh chemicals, which makes them even more awesome. 

EDIT: It is now Thursday, so I've been using this stuff for a week-ish. I think I'm allergic to Vitamin C or retinol, because my face is red and the top of my cheeks are dry again 😞 It is still an amazing product but sadly, I'm not the right skin type for it. If my skin was all like my t-zone (oily) then this series would be the best, but my cheeks are sensitive and dry so they need a totally different line of products. Blah. 

Tupperware Ice Cube Trays

Don't laugh because I'm old now, and get excited about Tupperware. I have been looking for the perfect ice trays for a while, and I think I've found them!  These ones have silicone bottoms to help pop out the ice easily, and lids to keep freezer odors from tainting my iced lattes. The cool part is that the tray lid also has a little door that opens and you can fill your ice tray upright to the marked line to ensure no spills (I'm the worst for leaving water on the counter; ask Hubbs)! Dry counters and perfectly filled ice cube trays! It's a game-changer! 

Compliments Brand Frozen Blueberries

So, until about a week ago, we were buying our frozen blueberries from Superstore. We were duped into thinking that all frozen blueberries are small and shrivelled looking, since that was how they looked in the bags that we has bought. 

Well, I happened to need frozen berries the other day, and picked up a different brand from a different grocery store. Whoa. These new berries were large and fully-formed, and looked like authentic fresh berries that had been flash frozen (versus those raisin-berries that looked like the bottom-barrel leftovers that fell out of the clamshell). 

It is like a whole new blueberry world has opened up for us, and now smoothies will never be the same. So glad I stumbled on this fab find!! 

Anyway, I'm a pretty happy camper, and getting great deals on quality goods always makes me feel good about my dollars spent. 

What are your Monday must-buys?! 



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