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All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

(...that song "Leaving on a Jet Plane" used to make me cry, because I had to leave on a jet plane and leave Hubbs behind for a year while I finished off my teaching contract in Hong Kong.  So glad the song has lost that power over me now that we are happily together)...

So, I am almost all packed.  Well, I *am* packed, but I keep thinking of more stuff I could pack.  It's kind of brutal, really.  I don't want to overpack since trunk space becomes a premium after a while, but at the same time I don't want to pack too little and end up scrambling while I'm trying to destress and breathe my way through the rushes and waves.

Everyone has suggestions on what to pack, but I can never tell if their lists are suitable for me (and my guess is, they aren't), so I have to sort of compile a bunch of lists together and come up with my own.  Here's the Loquacious Mama bag:
- Bible verses & prayer cards
- iPod, iPhone, camera + charger(s)
- nipple cream
- nursing pads
- Depends (yeah, you read that right: incontinence underwear.  Apparently post-partum ladies ... leak)
- toiletries
- make-up
- sports bras (apparently these are pretty good for nursing b/c they don't have wires)
- slippers + water-proof flipflops
- post-partum underwear + super-absorbent "pads"
- 1 birthing nightgown
- 1 nursing gown + robe set
- 1 "coming home" outfit
- battery-operated "candles" for ambience
- colourful table runners to make the room seem less unfamiliar
- throw pillows (also colourful) for a little bit of home
- painted words on canvas to help me focus
- fuzzy socks
- bendy straws
- my pillow

The baby bag contains:
- baby outfits (onesies, sleepers)
- receiving blankets
- diapers
- caps
- a winter jumper for the cold weather
- Vaseline-type meconium barrier cream
- nursing cape
- socks
- baby blanket (just one)
- baby mittens
- microfiber face cloth

Hubbs' bag has yet to be packed, but that's his job for tonight.  For sure he'll be bringing a pillow and a sleeping bag, but other than that, I'm not so certain what he wants to pack.  Probably his DS, his laptop (and charger), his iPhone, and some toiletries and a change of clothes.

Finally, we have to pack a food bag.  We'll be bringing snacks but we expect to buy a few things at the hospital as well (like Starbucks).  The "essentials" to be brought are:
- yogurt drinks
- Gatorade G2 (Grape)
- chicken jerky (for Hubbs)
- bananas
- cottage cheese (for Hubbs)
- trail mix and/or granola bars
- PB&J + bread (for me)

and whatever yummy Chinese food leftovers my parents have made. :)


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