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A Little Bit of Whine

I'm fairly certain that, judging from my many previous posts, you are already aware that I consider my pregnancy a blessing and God has been beyond good to me; if you haven't already figured that out, well, there ya go.  He is good.  I am blessed.

That said, today is a day for a bit of whining.  I am mostly content, and fairly certain that I am (or will be) secretly given the stink eye by other mommas (and momma-to-be's) who've had it much worse than I have during their gestational months.

But it's not all roses, people.  There are quite a few things I miss, and I'm not talking about food here.  I am literally referring to everyday things that I would regularly take for granted prior to being preggos (and even in the early stages of pregnancy).  Here's my rant (and feel free to skip it if you only want to read the happy stuff):

* I miss being able to put on my shoes from a standing position without grunting, and huffing and puffing.
* I miss being able to put on my socks, period.
* I miss being able to squeeze into and out of the car when we're parked a bit too close to the car beside us; nowadays Hubbs has to literally back the vehicle up for me and my wide load to get in and out.
* I miss getting into and out of the vehicle without grunting.
* I miss being able to drive myself and reach the pedals while maintaining space between me and the steering wheel.
* I miss being able to lift stuff and feel like a generally useful human being; it's like I'm a kid again and I can't (read: not permitted to) lift anything that's heavier than 2 pounds.
* I miss being able to use my step ladder to reach stuff on the top shelf (read: not allowed to do that, either).
* I miss getting into and out of the bathtub without making a big splash and getting water everywhere.
* I miss not having hair and nail growth that's out of control.
* I miss having regular sized hands and feet that don't require the support of a wrist brace and extra large, well-padded shoes.
* I miss sleeping on my tummy and my back.
* I miss sleeping for long stretches at a time (like, y'know, 8 hours...or even 5) without getting up to pee.
* I miss being able to turn around and switch positions in my sleep, without discomfort.
* I miss being able to shop at my favourite stores (RW&Co. does not carry maternity wear).
* I miss the endurance I used to have to be able to shop for hours on end at the mall; today we were there for an hour and a half and I was ready for a nap!
* I miss walking with my legs together, and sitting with my legs crossed.  
* I miss being able to see my belly button and nether regions, which are both now obscured by my ginormous belly
* I miss having a waistline.
* I miss breathing silently.
* I miss getting massages that didn't require a dozen oddly-stacked pillows to keep me from lying on my round belly.
* I miss doing "real" exercise (believe it or not!)

And that's just the tip of my whiny iceberg! I'm sure that, given enough time, I could think of many many more things that I used to do effortlessly, which now I struggle with.  I know, of course, that there is light at the end of this 1-to-4 week tunnel, and I'm due to meet baby any day now.  But in the meantime, and just for this moment, won't you let me wallow in a little shallow pool of self-pity?  I promise that tomorrow, when His mercies are new in the morning, I will be back to my optimistic/idealistic self.  Promise!


~Rain``` said…
Totally understand. I missed lying on my tummy and a day after my son was born did just that and it felt soooo good!

I STILL wish I could sleep for an eight hour stretch. *sigh* I think I got out of bed five times last night to deal with one of my two kids. But, I am VERY grateful I have two kids to get up to!
babushkamama said…
a little bit of whine is good for you! you are SO close! But I hear you, lady. It is tougher than expected!

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