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Every Girl Needs Her Mommy

...or so I'd like to believe.  Some days, when I gaze upon my disgruntled newborn screaming her head off after being cleaned and fed and cuddled and rocked, I have my doubts. ;)

But I need my mommy.  Maybe I screamed her ear off too when I was a week old; I don't remember anymore, and perhaps she has blocked that out of her mind too.  But as a new mom, I can think of no one I want more to be here to comfort me (aside from Hubbs) than my mommy.
My mom is so photogenic.  I look horrid in this pic
. Focus on Mommy not me!
 When I arrived home from the hospital, with great concern etched on her face Mommy immediately remarked on how pale I looked, because this is something she would notice and want to remedy with some Chinese herbs and soups.  I almost wanted to cry right then and there.  Even though I'm well into my 30's, my mom still wanted to take care of me.  That moved me.

Since that evening, adjusting to having Baby Loquacious at home has been challenging.  My mommy has worked tirelessly to try to make my life easier during this transition. 

* She has washed every single article of clothing for Hubbs and baby and I, and ironed and folded them all - every day
* She has boiled and sanitized every piece of feeding equipment (bottles, flanges, soothers) twice a day so that Baby Loquacious has clean bottles to use
* She has worked as Dad's sous chef for every home-cooked meal, lovingly preparing dishes that she knows will help my body heal
* She has swept and cleaned our place, so that even though it still looks like a refugee camp strewn about with bags and piles of stuff, our floors and tables and dishes are spotless
* She has done all of our dishes and set and cleaned the table before and after meals; I haven't had to lift one finger to do those sorts of tasks
* She has rocked baby to sleep at all hours of the day and night just to give Hubbs and I some rest; she even wakes up with us in the middle of the night (think 3:00 am and a screaming fussy child to assist in any way that she can, whether it's formula prep or setting up the change table or getting "stuff" for baby
* She changes diapers but keeps her distance when she knows that there is something that Hubbs or I want to do as parents for our baby
* She encourages me to sleep and to not lift a finger so that my c-section scar can heal
* She gives me hugs when I cry (which is often, and due mostly to hormones raging in my body)
* She prays for me all the time and was the most fervent prayer warrior during my labour and delivery drama

I am so thankful for my mommy, especially right now when I'm trying to heal and deal with my crazy emotions and figure out this whole parenthood thing; she is the evidence of God's grace in my life.  Did I mention I was born on her birthday? Even though I suppose some might say that I am God's gift to her (LOL), the more accurate statement is that she is God's gift to me.  My little girl is also God's gift to me, and I hope that one day she will count it a blessing that I got the privilege of being her momma, too.

PS - I feel so blessed that four generations of first-born daughters will be able to meet at the end of March when I get together with my maternal grandma, mommy, myself and Baby Loquacious.  How very precious a gift that is!


~Rain``` said…
So beautiful... I remember my Mommy giving me a back rub after my daughter was born. Oh, that felt good. Mom's are awesome.

You will be a wonderful Mother to your precious daughter. I know it!God chose YOU to be her mother.

Take care my friend. That first month with little one is crazy insane. And wonderful. :)

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