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Big Props

... to the following "must-haves" in our baby-fied household.

1. My Brest Friend nursing pillow (and its inflatable traveling counterpart)

I thought breastfeeding would be easy, given that like a bazillion women before me have done it effortlessly since Eve.  How wrong I am; it is a fine balance between proper latching and good positioning and sufficient supply and not-too-tired-and-cranky-baby-attitude.  In my case, throw in some tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel (one on each hand) for good measure, and you have yourself a case of the hards.  The first few days at the hossie, every time I'd go to breastfeed I would actually call in a nurse to help me with getting Baby Loquacious in position and latched; I took *full* advantage of having a nurse assigned to my room.  The next few days at home were hellish, when much of what I had practiced on the post-partum ward didn't work on my recliner or couch or bed or chairs.  I cried, baby cried; it was a mess.  Thankfully someone had invented the My Brest Friend pillow, and many had already reviewed it online, so when I consulted with Dr. Google I was able to quickly ring up the local baby supplies shop and have them put one aside for me.  Since then, I've also purchased an extra cover and the travel version of this most-awesome nursing pillow, plus I'm registered for one more.

2.  Munchkin Arm-and-Hammer Diaper Pail

It contains the stench of Baby L's many smelly poos, and trust me when I say that her poos (and farts and pees) are much smellier than even mine or Hubbs'.

3. Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm

I stumbled upon this wonderful-smelling salve at the massage therapist's, and figured I'd pick one little tin up just to see if it was any good.  I'm anti-Vaseline (petro-product), and this stuff has kept Baby L's butt rash-free, which is pretty impressive given that my kid had a day when she honestly shat *every* diaper that touched her butt for 24 hours.

4. 1970's Terrycloth Sleepers

Okay, this one's vintage, circa Hubbs' first month of life.  My MIL brought two of these with her when she visited, and I'm so thankful she did! They fit Baby Loquacious perfectly during those first two weeks when the 0-3 sleepers were just too stinkin' big (and of course I didn't buy any newborn sleepers since that would be a waste of money).  Of course, now that Baby L has been gaining like an ounce a day, she's finally big enough to fit the sleepers I bought for her.  But I'm still keeping the terry ones case there's a next time ;)

5.  Playtex VentAire Slow-Drip Wide Nipple Bottles

My sis got these for my darling nephew and I'm so glad that I bought some as well.  They are designed to reduce colic and gas (and Baby L is gassy enough without having to gulp more gas when she speed-drinks her milk or formula), and meant for moms who also breastfeed.  So far, no nipple confusion and very minimal spit-up! :)

That's it so far...I'm sure there's more but it's like 1:00 am so I should really try to get some shut-eye while I can.


Justice~! said…
"trust me when I say that her poos (and farts and pees) are much smellier than even mine or Hubbs'"

Mine smell like a bouquet of daffodils, just to be clear

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