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Little Joys

I love being a momma.  Despite the lack of proper sleep, the breastfeeding issues that never seem to end, the reduction of my "me" time and the new reality that doesn't allow for the same active social life as before, I cherish my little girl and my time with her (especially while she's still young and cuddly).  I now understand sacrificial love in a totally new way, and can appreciate why parents would so willingly give their lives for their children and are absolutely devastated if they outlive them.  I would throw my body in harm's way for my baby; heck, half the time I wrap my arms around her car seat during a ride, in anticipation that I might just have to do that!

Some of the best things about being a mom (aside from Baby Loquacious - obvious):
Who can resist a smile like this?
* hearing a random giggle escape her lips as she sleeps
* folding or hanging her cute little outfits knowing how adorable she will look when she wears them
* feeling her little hand resting on my breast as I nurse her
* watching her learn and grow in curiosity with each passing day (e.g. she can now willfully bat at dangling toys with her arms to make them move, and stares with great intensity and delight at high-contrast images)
* listening to her little sighs and coos and various baby noises
* having her gaze at me with recognition, and subsequently smile her mega-watt, toothless grin
* feeling her little body rest against mine and relax; I think she knows she's safe with Momma
* watching her beautiful facial features form the most adorable expressions (even the grouchy-faced ones)
* getting my finger death-gripped by her chubby little hand

There is nothing like being a mom.  I am so grateful to have Baby Loquacious in my life, and truly she is an answer to prayer and a blessing to Hubbs and I.  If ever this blog has freaked you out from having babies, please reconsider.  Every time I experience one of these little joys from Baby L, my love and appreciation for my Father in heaven grows too, because I know that He also delights in me the way that I delight in her; through Christ, I then am able to love her ever more with the love that the Father has lavished on me!  And in the end, it's about worship anyway.  May your joy and delight in your little one(s) bring you closer into fellowship with the Father, and may His love empower you to love more deeply and selflessly!


~Rain``` said…
smile, Smile, and SMILE. So relate...

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