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Hairy Tales and Random Blatherings

Added to appease my hubby
One thing I miss about being pregnant are my formerly-luscious locks, which are now falling off my head like cherry blossoms from Vancouver trees.  It used to be so wonderful to shower and not have a tub full of shed hair afterwards.  Now, I get the lovely experience of having strands randomly exiting my scalp and finding their way into Baby Loquacious's chubby little hands, woven between her meaty fingers that are sometimes still clenched in a death grip.

Then, there's the other hair issues (witness as I now tread into TMI territory).  Let's just say that the hormone-induced growth is so abundant that I could probably fund my aesthetician/waxing lady's trip to Vegas if I actually had the time to go in and get every unwanted, unsightly strand removed from my body.  In my current state, my body would make a compelling case for ape ancestry (not that I believe in that - I'm purely a Creator-ist).  Frustrating that the hair I want to keep is falling out at the same time that the hair I never wanted clings onto random parts of my body with no intention of leaving.

Such is the nature of motherhood, I guess.

Requisite photo of my cutie patootie
How do other moms of newborns and young infants (and especially those who have more than one child) have time to cook gourmet meals, do complicated craft projects, make videos and take a bazillion pictures, throw parties, and shed baby weight simultaneously?! I am embarrassingly inept by comparison, since I can barely get it together enough to heat up a frozen entree and get the laundry folded and put away before it forms a mountain on our guestroom bed.  Seriously, it's a little bit humbling (okay, a LOT humbling) to witness everyone else around me seemingly being so stinkin' together when I am not (and this, with the help of housekeepers bi-monthly, no less!).

I think I must be doing something wrong. :S

So, it seems that there is something very fertile about the water these days.  I know of many expectant mommas-to-be in varying stages of their pregnancies, and I am so thrilled that Baby L will have so many new little people to play with in the upcoming weeks and months! It will also be wonderful to exchange war baby stories with others who are at a similar point in their lives as we are.  The only downside? Scheduling anything (read: lunches, shopping dates, etc) is going to be even more difficult once these babes arrive and wreak havoc on their parents' schedules, so maintaining social commitments is going to take a LOT more work than it already does.

I just registered for a free mommy-and-baby stroller fitness class.  I'm a little worried about whether or not Baby L can handle being in her stroller for so long.  I'm a lot worried about whether or not I can handle keeping up with the other mommas, given that I've not done a lick of cardio in over a year (walking apparently doesn't count because my heartrate doesn't jack up high enough).  However, I am hopeful that the experience will be favourable enough for me to sign up for paid classes in a few weeks' time.  Hubbs and I are planning a trip to Hawaii for several weeks early next year, and I need to be able to wear a bathing suit and not die of embarrassment.  Currently, given the hair issues and my jiggly bits forming more than a muffin top (how about a muffin spill?), death by embarrassment is pretty certain.


Justice~! said…
Where are my pictures of her and Sophie!>?!??!


~Rain``` said…
It's okay. I'm one of those Moms who feels like I'm falling apart most of the time. Ha, ha! Though, it is better, it really is, now that my two kiddos are older. Though I miss the wee baby days!

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