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Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest...

I was asked by April from First Time Mom & Dad, a blog that I thoroughly enjoy for its frankness and perspective on parenting, to do a guest post on Baby-Led Weaning.  Though I am by no means an expert on the matter, it was very much an honour to write for them and to be asked to share my perspective, experiences and novice knowledge about the matter.

You can pop over to the guest post by clicking on the "guest post" link above.  Here are some other internet resources on the topic that I found to be useful for me:

Baby-Led Weaning
Wholesome Baby Food - BLW
Nourished Kitchen
Rapley Weaning (Gill Rapley's blog site)
Baby-Led Weaning Blog
Mummy in Provence (search for her BLW posts)

Happy eating (and cleaning), friends! :) Oh, and have a wonderful weekend!


Sharon said…
Nice :) That's cool!

Now that I'm thinking about it... M&M mostly BLW their first. They did do some baby cereals and pureed their own mush for a little bit, but they always allowed him to sample from their plates on his high chair. I can't remember that they did the mush & cereal for very long.

Anyway, BLW it seems logical/natural to me, too. I made similar comments the other day about how baby mush is way newer than babies eating real food.

Any availability to come over next week?
Thanks again! Your post was fantastic! I'd love to have you post again anytime!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@Sharon - BLW is baby-directed so even mush and purees are self-fed via a loaded spoon or by hand (too messy for me!). Some who are hardcore BLW's would say that if people do even a bit of spoon-feeding, that's not really BLW at all. But yeah, I find this way far more intuitive, even though it's much harder for us to find foods to eat that we can modify/adapt or serve as is to Baby L.
That is great news! Way to go on the article!

I'm doing things a little bit differently with my second baby when it comes to eating. I'm just not in a rush at all this time.

With my first I totally was so excited about it and so we started banana at 5.5 months. With baby #2 I was curious to learn more about BLW. I attended a Healthy Baby event a few weeks ago and met a RHN who focuses on BLW and infant nutrition. She's also a lactation consultant! Anyways, I'm doing an interview with her and am so excited to learn more information.

PS. I could write in the baby book that my baby's first other food was...a lollipop! I caught my 3 year old giving the baby a few licks of his lime lollipop. ;) teehee
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@Mama ITC - Trust me when I say that I wasn't rushing to get into solids, but Baby L was rushing *me.* The stolen yam fry was a good indicator ;) plus her unwillingness to watch us eat without being a participant.

I'm curious to hear the results of your interview. There seems to be an "extreme" exclusive BLW camp and another camp that sort of incorporates some of the ideas of BLW with the traditional puree method. Would love to hear where the RHN falls on the continuum.

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