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She Ate Some Orange and She Liked It

Wearing Daddy's fedora..sideways.  She is fashion-forward :)
Baby-led weaning is supposed to happen at 6 months.  However, tonight at AYCE sushi with our lovely friends Larry & Cat, I just couldn't bear to see Baby L watch us eat (gorge, actually) while she had nothing to nosh on herself.  I'm a sucker that way.

Anyway, she's too young for seafood and grilled meat but they happened to have sliced oranges on the menu, and their oranges are *always* sweet (I really need to know where they're shopping), so I removed the skin from 2 orange wedges and set them on Baby L's miSwivel tray.  Lo and behold, she went straight for them.  And made a huge mess.  Like, orange pulp all over her seat straps, the tray, the seat, her body... but she managed to scrunch herself up to one edge of the tray and used it to help her scoop/shove parts of the wedges in her mouth.  I gather her hand-eye coordination is still developing.. :/

Unfortunately, she bit off more than she could gnaw, so I had to fish out a section of one of the wedges from her sticky lips (for fear that she'd choke).  She wouldn't let me get at the other part of the wedge, however; its pulpy goodness was already quite far back in her mouth and her gums and palate were totally engaged in full-force motion.  I watched with trepidation, anticipating the need to do a Heimlich (and hoping I might remember the maneuver on babies), but she just sort of gummed at the piece in her mouth and eventually swallowed the darn thing.  No adverse reaction whatsoever.

Mind you, after that she was pretty much done eating and so I removed the remainder of the wedges from her tray and began a lengthy wipe-down process on her and on her chair. 

Anyway, point is that I should have waited but I didn't, and I was lucky that my kid is probably like me (one of those people who doesn't need to chew something for like 20 chews before swallowing; I think I average about 4 chews per bite).  The other point is that, with BLW, the idea is that they won't choke because if they're smart enough to gnaw/bite/gum off pieces of food, they're already mastering the chew motion enough to masticate the food for swallowing.  They've learned the chew-before-swallowing order (unlike the puree babies who learn to swallow before they learn to chew).

On a totally unrelated non-baby note, did you know that the iPhone 4 cameras are not both equally awesome?  The one that's facing away from you is awesome, but the one that faces you is sort of crappy.  I took a shot of my vain baby (who was admiring herself in my phone) using the lesser camera, and here it is:

Grainy, right?  But oh-so-cute.  I love this kid; her smile could end wars, I'm sure of it.


tejanamama said…
Some may not agree but I urge you to start with veg if at all possible. steam or blend or whatever yourself, just because we all gravitate to sweet pretty easily and it spoils them for eating veg sometimes if they are like us. Emilia was one of those. Elena ate everything in a balanced manner but I made efforts to do most of the veg first before allowing the sweet stuff cuz if you had the choice, what would you pick? Sometimes they wont touch the cereals or the veg once they have a taste for the delicious fruits! GOOD LUCK and glad she was okay. THat would have scared the crap out of me. I chopped up their stuff small for years and Emilia still isn't allowed to eat popcorn, even though many her age do. The doc told me ONE story--from his experience as a doctor with a patient that didn't end well--and it scared me to sticking to the 5yo rule (having to do with width of the esophagus or something). People think I'm nuts, but she's not allowed!!! Anyway, the pics keep getting cuter. She is already looking more mature. I HATE THAT!!! lol
Sooooooooo cute!! That fedora photo should be entered Into every cute baby photo contest! You will have her colleg le paid for by September!

I'm glad you gave in... And it sounds like so is cutie L!!

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