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Sick and Tired

Playing on her activity mat (sans arches) while wearing a Little Boo Bibble.
I have the flu! When the symptoms first appeared Saturday morning (headache, sore throat), I wrote it off as the after-effects of a long night.  However, by Saturday night, I was also achy and there was that tell-tale tickle in my throat.  On Sunday morning when I woke up, my head was pulsing and my digestive tract was running (read: the big D), I was alternating between being super flushed and hot and super cold, I was dizzy and weak and I ran a fever.

Thankfully, it was the long weekend, and Hubbs is a long-suffering sweetie.  Despite his not having had much sleep in the past week (he was in E-town for work and he never gets enough sleep when he's there), he offered to care for Baby L while I rested.  But not before we called the health hotline and consulted Dr. Google for assurances that Baby L wouldn't suddenly come down ill as I have (she won't, in part because of breastfeeding..woot! woot!). The primary advice I was given: stay hydrated (Gatorade and water) and don't eat dairy or anything that inflames the bowels.

So, I tucked myself into bed with my water and my Gatorade at close range.  Whenever Baby L needed to nurse, Hubbs would diligently bring her to my side and she and I would snuggle (poor girl would sweat beside her hot mama) and she'd breastfeed to sleep.  Once she woke up, she would once again be whisked away by my man to play.

Today I am feeling a little better.  Scratch that, I was still feeling like crap for the first half of the day.  Then I took some Advil and my fever broke.  I was so sweaty that I had to dry off from carrying Baby L from the living room to the bedroom.  I had to dry off a second time when we switched breasts for nursing.  Finally, after that nursing session and a nap on both our parts, I was feeling a little better.  I'm still dealing with a headache that just won't quit, but at least I have Advil for that.

Hubbs returns to work tomorrow, so if I'm still not well (or at least in recovery mode) by then, I am totally booking it to the nearest doc's office.  I seriously don't know how single parents care for their kids when they are sick.  I am so blessed with Hubbs, with housekeepers who can come bi-weekly, with resources that allow me to buy organic watermelon and Gatorade and filtered water.  Not that I deserve any of this, mind you.  But I feel very grateful that God has blessed us so.

How do you deal when you're sick and you have a little one to care for? Thoughts? I'd be curious to learn from your experiences.


Sharon said…
I'm sorry for you! Hope your body kicks the bug soon.

Oh and I responded to your comment... but in my own comment section... hah - sorry :)
Jel said…
:( Me too, but i'm hoping mine's just a bad cold. It's Wednesday here so hubby is at work and i'm just doing the best i can. Bub is a little bored i think as i'm trying not to go too close to him except when i need to, whereas usually i play with him, but he's been good so far this morning, going down for naps with little more than a few grumbles :) Last night was one of his 5 wakeup nights, not great for recovery.

Here's hoping we're both better soon!
~Rain``` said…
Praying you get better! Being sick with a little one is no fun!

You are doing what I do: lean on my husband a little more and try to get as much rest as possible. Since my parents or my in-laws are not near us anymore, my husband has the option to take the day off when I am really sick (which has happened once or twice). Otherwise, if I desperately need a nap, I try to catch a few winks in the afternoon when my son is napping (praise God that he still does!) and my daughter, dare I admit, is occupied with watching a 30 min - 1hr "educational" DVD. While television/screen-time is not a daily occurrence in our home, there are times it is handy, for us anyway.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Get well soon! After I blogged my temperature soared to 39.3C necessitating a trip to the docs and more rest (read: Hubbs took off work for two days). That's a luxury few can afford so I feel pretty blessed to have had extra time to sleep and recover. Feel blessed that your little bub has been patient and relatively good (except for the night wakings) and may each hour bring you closer to optimal health!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
I would totally stick in a video in case of emergency too. :) Naps are only 30min long in our household right now, and I like a good 1.5 hour stretch ;) but having Hubbs play with Baby L has been a good daddy-daughter bonding thing for them too :)

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