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Teething Blues

Poor Baby L is definitely teething, although the hard, white tips of her teeth have yet to emerge from her irritated little gums.

To her credit, my babe has handled this whole ordeal like a little trooper.  Sure, her sleep is affected and now we have multiple late night wakings.  Sure, she drools like a leaky faucet and tries to give hickeys and gum-bites to everything in sight.   And sure, she gets a little moodier than usual sometimes.  But all things considered, we could have had it so much worse, and Baby L could have been far more miserable.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we've been giving her Camilia homeopathic teething drops.  Despite these drops tasting like .. nothing (I've had a tube- it's like drinking water but without the refreshing factor), Baby L loves taking it and can often be found whining for more when the tube is empty.  I can't say whether the drops are helping or not, but at any rate she counts it as a treat. :)

We've also been religious about putting her Baltic amber teething necklace on.  Again, I can't say for certain if it works, although the few days when we had forgotten to put it on (when I was sick) were particularly fussy days for her, and since she has begun wearing it again, the fussiness seems to have abated.  Coincidence? Perhaps.  But I'm not taking the risk and the necklace stays on, except at bathtime.

I've also tried a few teething devices that have been hit-and-miss.
* Water-filled teethers - miss.
* Lifefactory Silicone teethers - hit.
* Giant gel-filled teething pacifier - miss.
* Toy keys with soft teething rubber - hit.
* Sophie - hit.
* Wet cold facecloth - hit.
* Plush bug rattle with ribbon antennae - hit.
* Label Loveys security blanket with tags - hit.
* Plastic hanging toy links - hit

So essentially, anything she can lift and shove in her mouth is a hit.   I'm hoping that she gets a "break" but from what I can tell, once teething begins, it's this roller coaster that just keeps going and going until all of baby's teeth are in.  *sigh*

May her teeth come in like ninjas, stealthily and silently and without any troubles leading up to their arrival.

What about you? Any good teething remedies/tips to offer up? I'm all ears...and she's gum-ho to hear your advice! :)


I love the Ninja analogy. Here's hoping for Oliver too! My post tomorrow is about our new mesh pacifier find and washcloths soaked in chamomile tea. The mesh pacifier I fill with frozen organic fruit. He gnaws and sucks until the fruits gone and his gums are numb. The chamomile tea soaked cloths are great. I chill them and then he sucks away. The chamomile sooths his gums and it's supposed to help him sleep better too! And Like Baby L, if Oliver can lift it and fit it in his mouth, it's fair game. I think between you and Kiwimum I'm sold on the amber necklace!
I tend to nurse my babies a bit more when they are in the peak of their teething pain. We are in the process of waiting for the tiny tips to pop through the gums. Lots of wash cloth chewing going in our home!

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