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Baby Loquacious's BLW Food List

To help me keep track (and let you know how it's going for us), I will try to keep an up-to-date list of Baby Loquacious's foods.  One day when I can figure out how to not re-post this every time there's an update, I will do it.  Until then, you might see this as a recurrent post that looks all too familiar... LOL

Steamed broccoli - hit
Sliced tomato - hit
Grilled chicken breast - hit
Cucumber - miss
Baguette bread - hit
Mum-mums - hit
Mushroom ravioli - hit
Rice cereal - hit
Roasted zucchini - hit
Raw spinach - hit
Raw arugula - miss
Watermelon - hit
Peaches - hit & miss
Farley biscuits - hit
Linguine & marinara sauce - hit
Teething Biscuits - hit
Steamed asparagus - hit & miss
Celery - miss
White rice - hit
Blanched green beans - hit & miss
Boiled/steamed carrots - hit
Dried apple - miss
Grapefruit - hit
Bananas - hit & miss
Plain spaghetti - hit & miss
Mango - hit
Roasted sweet potato/yam fries - hit
Lasagna - hit
Toast  - hit
Avocado - hit
Orange - hit
Cantaloupe - hit
Cauliflower - miss


This is awesome thank you! Are there any that are Super hits? What does she love?
~Rain``` said…
I find this list fascinating, since it is quite different from what I did with my two kids when they were around 6 months (they got a lot of homemade mush ;)). I find it interesting how feeding theories change even in five years!

She is a great little eater! Awesome!
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@April - A hit's a hit. She's sort of all-or-nothing so if she likes it, she'll be all over it and if she's only semi-interested, that's the hit&miss ones. Misses are definitely clearly not her favourite ;)

@Rain - Thanks! She has been a little piggie since we first started, which I find a great relief since I don't want her to be one of those kids that only eats one thing every meal, every day. Hoping that with BLW, she will be a diverse and adventurous diner! :)

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