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Sometimes I think that knowing that the housekeepers are coming soon gives me license to be extra messy.  It's not a conscious deliberate thing, but let's just say I'm suddenly less motivated to pick up that piece of lint that just fell on the floor.  Something like that.  It definitely means that we don't bother taking out the garbage since we know they will do it for us.  And forget about making the bed.  So looking forward to clean sheets and a freshly-made bed tonight!

For whatever inexplicable reason, Baby Loquacious decided to be extra fussy last night.  Not awake, mind you - she went down at like 7:15.  Awesome.  But then she got up every 3 hours or so, crying/whining and half-asleep and looking like she was having bad dreams.  Poor kid.  Extra clingy.  We had to bed-share several times over the course of the night to comfort her, and she kept rolling herself closer and closer to me so that in the end, I found myself half hanging off the bed.  Not a great way to sleep, and more reason why I need to see the chiro and RMT again soon.  But of course she woke up with a giant grin at far too early a time this morning.

So now, during my break, while Hubbs takes her for a walk - am I deciding to take a nap? Nope.  I'm a masochist that way.  I'm baking a pie.  No, not one of those pies; I'm not ambitious in the kitchen like that.  I pinned a recipe for an easy "impossible" coconut pie a while back, and am now getting around to testing it.  I've got a hankering for coconut (mostly the ice cream, but I'll settle for a custardy pie) for some weird reason that I'll attribute to my personal grieving process for the end of summer.  Anyway, pie's in the oven now, and I'm enjoying my cup of coffee, baby-free.

For a family that has as many Apple products as we have (7 if you don't count the Apple TV or router), it's very strange that a charger cable is nearly impossible to locate.  I'm talking about the one for the iPhone with the weird flat thing on the one end and the USB on the other.  That one.  We should in theory have 5 of them.  Actually, no - 6, because I have one from my old 3GS as well.  And yet, I'm having to steal the one from the iPad because the cable that was once attached to my laptop (the one for my 4GS) is MIA.  I blame Hubbs, since he's pretty scattered when it comes to "the little things" and charger cables don't rank high on his priority list, unless of course he suddenly needs one.  This is how a hoarder starts out, I think - hiding stuff from her Hubbs.

The face of mischief
This morning, while reading a very cutely-illustrated toddler Bible to Baby L, she figured out that the pages in that book are not nearly as durable as the ones in her board books.  Yep, she decided that the Moses story wasn't really that important anyway, and riiiiiiiiiiiiippppp - there went his birth account page, now torn into two.

I have a feeling that this book is a read-once-only book, since she loves it and enjoys "reading" from there regularly.  I expect that we may soon need to locate a Bible board book.  Seriously, does such a thing exist?

Who needs pants anyway? That's the attitude my little girl has taken of late.  She kicks and kicks and twists and squirms the moment we bring pants or shorts or any other "bottoms" near her legs.  She isn't nearly as fussy when getting dressed in her onesie undershirt or even a t-shirt, but every diaper change is now a huge challenge, since my kid has strong extremities and a strong will to boot!  Worse yet have been those few times when I've needed to change her on my own in one of those changing tables at the mall.  I even had to use the restraint straps! No lie, a few times I was nearly certain she'd end up with a belly bruise from the force of her attempts to launch herself off the table. 

On our evening stroll the other day, we saw some leaves already turning red and gold and burnt orange.  We also felt a distinctly cooler breeze blowing, and the air seemed just a teensy bit more crisp.  Guess it is time to put away the sandals, the sunscreen, and the tank tops in favour of loafers and tights and cozy knit sweaters.  Time really does fly.

In case it hasn't been evident yet, I think I blog more for my own catharsis than anything else (though I love you guys for reading)!.  Proof? I have about 5 posts that I probably won't post, that I hammered out at different points in the past few weeks just to work through my thoughts.  Some of the topics end up on here in some other form but sometimes I think I just need to blather on and on in written form to keep my writing chops limber and my brain from turning to mush.  I'm not trying to win some blogger mama award here and I certainly am not getting advertising revenue, so we all know there's not a ton of monetary or celebrity benefit to my blogging.  But I appreciate you for reading.  Thank you. :) And I love that I can be part of a blogging "community" of moms who write just because they have something to say, and not because they have something to gain.


Kitten said…
My son had a large number of board books that were religion related including several about Jesus and the Bible. I wish I could remember the name, but we preferred ones that were less serious -- such as the one that illustrated the song "Jesus Loves Me". We did have a "My First Bible" board book specifically.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@ Kitten - do you remember where you got it from, or who published it? Was it solid Biblically? (Some are a bit liberal in their interpretations..)
Kitten said…
It was so simplified that it would be hard for it to be off significantly! Now, to be fair, I'm Catholic, so I'm not sure which Bible you were looking for. It was definitely a gift from my husband's family who are a lot more religious than my own.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Well, it's more that some of the kid Bibles don't include all (or even much) of the story. But yeah, I'm pretty certain the Catholic and Protestant Bibles both have the account of Moses' birth and it's the same in both! :D

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