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F.U. Flu!

In previous years I always turned it down.  I was healthy, not in a high-risk group, and reluctant to inject anything into my body that might have adverse effects.  Plus, I had heard the rumours that it made things worse, at least in the short term.

However, now that I am a mommy and Baby L is young (9 months!), we are all part of a high-risk demographic for contracting the flu.  It wouldn't be all that crippling for me, since I am a heavy weight adult, but for little Baby L, who isn't even yet 20 pounds (but close!), getting a case of the H1N1 would really really suck.

So, for her benefit, I got shot by the flu vaccine.  She did too.  Hubbs is going within the week.

My doc prepped me by saying that I would feel it a lot, and so might Baby L, because we've never had the vaccine before.  We might be extra tired, sore, achy, and generally miserable.

She forgot to mention nauseous.

So today, Hubbs and I took Baby L on a quick errand downtown.  Because we weren't going far or long, and she had *just* been changed and fed, we figured we could leave the ol' diaper bag at home for once.  It was so liberating to be able to push the stroller and carry just my purse, and not feel like some sort of pack-mule for a rich desert-dweller.

Anyway, we finished our errand and headed to the train station to take the train home.  It's seriously one stop away.  Awesome.  Baby L had also fallen asleep.  Double awesome.

Well, as we exited the elevator onto the train platform, Baby L woke up crying hard.  It was very unlike her, so we were a bit surprised by her reaction.  She continued to cry, and then stopped just long enough to burp/choke on something.  I thought maybe it was reflux.  Well, the next thing I know, she began emptying her stomach contents all over her stroller seat, her clothes, her blanket.

Of course, we had *no* wipes with us.  No receiving blankets.  Just one blankie to keep her warm and cozy from the autumn chill.  What's a parent to do? Hubbs unbuckled and grabbed her to take her out, while I took the blanket and used it as a cloth to wipe her down as much as possible.  Then we shoved the blanket back into the stroller so that people wouldn't freak out at the sight of the puke puddle on the seat, which was ridden with chunkies of her solid snacks throughout the day.  Hubbs held her so that her puke-soaked clothing was facing him, and not the poor passengers we had to ride with.

Well, Baby L finally cracked a smile, since she obviously was feeling a little better (or at very least, not so nauseous).  Meanwhile, we had to cram ourselves into the crowded rush hour train, reeking of baby vomit. 

Thankfully, thank You God, that it was only one train stop.

We high-tailed it out of there ASAP and rushed home to get her bathed, us cleaned up, and the stroller de-germified.
This was taken a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't take a pic of my sick girl.
Post-bath, poor Baby L was so wiped that she just nursed and went to sleep.  At 6:00 pm!!

Normally, this would be great news, particularly since we are interested in starting that whole sleep training process (without CIO).  However, given that my poor girl's tummy is probably only half-full and she seemed sleepy when she roused briefly at 8:30, I am of course worried sick.  Do I call the nurse hotline? Do I Google? Do I text my nurse/doc friends? Do I hold her all night long to make sure she doesn't die in her sleep?

Yeah, I go to extremes in my head a lot.  Blame it on the Mama Bear in me.

So now I'm blogging, awake and alert, and not taking advantage of the blissful quiet that has been gifted to me.  I tried to enjoy, I really did.  I surfed the Web, played games, ate, did all sorts of stuff.  But the little nagging worry in the back of my brain has kept me from enjoying any of it.

I hope she sleeps well.  I hope she wakes up in the morning (but not too early).  I hope she feels better and is herself tomorrow.

And the flu better f-off this year.  I did not just go through all of this for naught.

PS - Did I mention that I also felt like crap all day? Achy and sore, with a pounding headache and low energy levels.  So all of this just compounded the awful that was my day. :(

PPS - Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.  His mercies are new every morning!!



FU Flu shot! We had ours and Ollie is getting his second half in a month. Safe than sorry I guess. Oh and I keep one of those free gift makeup bags filled with a diaper, travel size pack of wipes, disposable change pad and a onsie in my purse. The diaper bag sucks for short trips, but because I have a boy I have to be prepared for anything!
~Rain``` said…
I kind of go through the whole debate on whether or not I should get the shot for my kids and I. Every time, I succumb, mostly because my husband is a teacher and he interacts with so many sick kids during the year. Thankfully, we haven't had a reaction yet. We go this Tuesday to get the shot, the whole family. Hopefully, we will be a-okay this time! And hopefully, my daughter will be more cooperative! She is such a fighter as a preschooler. She hates needles and two nurses had to hold her down last year to give her the shot! Oh my...

Super cute picture of your princess, btw!

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