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Germ Warfare

As a teacher, you sort of build up an immunity to germs.  All of that exposure to little people will do that to you.

So, pre-baby, I didn't get sick too often.  I averaged one or two really bad colds and one flu per year.  I almost never got the stomach flu.  I was healthy and strong, my immunological defenses ready for battle against the germs of a classroom and a school.  Keep in mind, this is with exposure to 25 kids daily, plus indirect exposure to like 300 others five days a week, 10 months a year.

My, how times have changed.

Now the germs schedule playdates at my house more often than I do.  Seriously, since Little L was born, I've been getting sick on average of once every 6-8 weeks.  I keep getting colds, and I've already had a bout of stomach flu - twice.  And this is with regular exposure to only one little toddler, and occasional contact with the "outside world" via gym playtimes, playdates, and travel to and from Edmonton.

I don't understand this.  How can my body be so run down?! What am I doing wrong here? What happened to my super-teacher-immunity?!

The only thing I can conclude is that my body is worn down from all of that breastfeeding, and a sleep deficit borne out of caring for a sick little toddler.  Back in the day, I could take a sick day and sleep in and load up on decongestants and hot honey lemon tea.  Now? I am on mommy duty from the time Little L wakes up until she goes to bed, and then I'm still on since she nurses through the night, especially when she's sick.  There isn't time for me to curl up in bed for half a day, semi-conscious from all of the powerful cold medication I'm on.

So once again, we are sick.  Little L came down with the snots a few days ago, and by Saturday Hubbs was a sneezy, loud-nose-blowing mess.  My symptoms came last, consisting of a pounding headache, sinus pain and congestion that has made my sleep time non-existent.  Little L is still congested now, and I'm constantly wiping her boogery sneezes against her wishes.  I also have to prop her up on pillows for her to sleep, and she nurses down in my arms nowadays due to her need to be elevated to breathe.

Will this ever get better? I don't mean my current cold, which of course will get better (it had better get better!).  I mean, will my super-teacher-immunity ever return, or will I forever be subject to the sicknesses that my kid brings home?  What's a good way to ward off the viruses being passed along to us by other sickos (aside from living in a bubble)?!?  Anyone?!


Kitten said…
My son is four years old and this is the first year since his first winter (when he was 6 months old and we associated with NO other children or play areas) that we haven't both been laid up from September to March. In fact, he didn't get his first cold until January and I held off until February. I nearly cried with happiness.

Last winter, I think I spent (no lie) about $120 a month on doctor visits and medicine for him.
The germs schedule playdates... TOO FUNY! Imagine what would happen if our little bubs were in daycare!

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