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Accidents Happen But If Your Kid Hurts My Baby I Will Cut You

So here we are, minding our own business playing on an inflatable piece of equipment with Little L at a public play place.  Actually, Hubbs is watching her while Little L is playing on the equipment, and I'm guarding our diaper bag and shoes with my life, when what should happen but another toddler with crappy balance falls on our baby!  As Hubbs goes to retrieve our now wailing child, the parents come running up from behind Hubbs, to apologize.

What's wrong with this picture?

Exactly.  If the parents were actually supervising their toddler the way that they are supposed to, they wouldn't be running up, because they would have already been there in the first place.  And, arguably, the fall would have never taken place.

Luckily, there were no bruises, broken bones, or blood.  Had any of the above, or anything out of the ordinary, happened to Little L, Hubbs would have been arrested for second degree murder, or at the very least assault causing bodily harm.  And I would also have been arrested for attempted murder.  As it was, I had to retrieve Little L from Hubbs' arms to console her, and also remove him from the scene before he could punch the father of the other toddler (and I could tell that it was getting to that point).

Don't cross a Momma Bear (or a Papa Bear, for that matter).  We are fierce.

Now don't get me wrong.  Accidents happen, and I'm sure that in the days/weeks/years to come, Little L will probably be on both the giving and receiving ends of an accident with another child.  It comes with the territory of being a kid, and we totally understand that.  However, when parents decide to chill the f*ck out over in the corner while their uncoordinated toddler is unleashed on the public, that's not okay, and those parents are responsible (and negligent) in any situation where their child has caused harm.  If those two people were there watching their little boy and Little L *still* got hurt in an accident, I can totally understand that it was out of the parents' control and they did their best to protect others from their kid, and vice versa.  We would have been compassionate, empathetic, and completely understanding.  Mildly annoyed, yes, but understanding nonetheless.

Since this was not the case, however, I have invoked the wrath of karma on these jerks, and may they find themselves in our shoes one day, consoling a wailing child who has been hurt because someone else failed to follow through on being an attentive, responsible parent.

 PS - If I sound pissed off, yeah I still am.  Always, when it comes to Little L and her safety.



Kitten said…
I hate to ask, but did they have other children? I have a heck of a time watching both children. Sometimes I'll be actively parenting one, only to notice the other is acting up.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
I can also understand if one parent is alone and has two kids going in opposite directions. THAT is a situation I can get behind.

In this case, NO. Both parents were there. Only one toddler. Inexcusable.
mazoola said…
this just reminded me of a news headline i read today, ""man who jumped to his death lands on a 5 year old girl and kills her." seriously WTF

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