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Little L is growing up *way* too fast, y'all.  Like, on Saturday she was walking to our car, holding my hand, when she decided suddenly, unprompted, that she would raise one leg up to a 90' and say "Up!", then declare, "Down!" as she lowered the leg to the ground.  Repeat, repeat.

 I've just ordered two baby brain books: "The Science of Parenting" by Margot Sunderland, and "The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind" by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel.  Having only read a few excerpts from the former, I can't really say much about whether these will be hits or misses, although I can tell that Sunderland is pro-AP and anti-CIO, and from the reviews, she seems to have really done an extensive lit review of the research on brain development.  The reviews on Siegel's book are also very very good, and though I had thought it would be a very theoretical book, the reviews seem to suggest otherwise; practical tips on handling tantrums, etc. are apparently included.

I'm so excited to comb through these books and see what I can glean to help me with Little L, who has become increasingly clingy in the last week, and now will cry sometimes even when Hubbs tries to take her for a walk or to go and play in another room.  Not sure what that's about, but it's not great.

My baby loves shoes.  Today, Little L headed over to the little area where her half a dozen pairs of shoes were located, and decided she wanted me to help her put her shoes on.  Just because.  And then, after they were on for a bit, she'd want them off, so that I could help her put on another pair of shoes.  Repeat, repeat.

She is particularly fascinated with her Stonz rain boots, which I love because they're free of PVC, lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde, plus they are made in Canada! She loves them because they're hot pink and when she walks in them, she sort of "clomps." It's ridiculously adorable.  Can't wait to break these booties in!

It's fruit season for Little L.  She eschews most other foods in favour of fruit.  Case in point: her breakfast today was seedless red grapes, watermelon, bananas and a smoothie made from frozen berries, spinach, vanilla yogurt, apple juice, and banana.  She still eats the occasional egg and sometimes some chicken thigh (especially if it's in shake-n-bake coating), but even bread doesn't quite cut it for her like some fresh seasonal fruit.  Given that she is consuming such large quantities of the stuff, I've had to reconsider my shopping habits and do more shopping at Whole Foods, which I love but costs a small fortune.  I mean, even though the jury's kind of still out on whether organic is better, when it comes to fruit that is consumed raw, I would rather err on the side of caution, y'know?  Just 'cuz I can.

So I'm looking into getting Little L a toddler table and chairs.  Any recommendations? I want one that is sturdy in the event she decides to climb on the furniture.  And preferably one that isn't "themed" with some well-known TV character (e.g. "Disney princess" or Dora).  And of course, lead-free, non-toxic, etc. etc.  I'm not even sure where I should set a price point, so let's pretend that price isn't an issue.  Does anyone know of a good brand or retailer in Canada?!

Did I mention that I love having a toddler?! I love. LOVE. having a toddler!  So much fun, although her energy saps me some days, and I often wonder how I'd possibly keep up if I had a second one.  But the learning that I get to observe, the adorable little faces and phrases that she makes, and the kisses and cuddles are priceless.

Love my Little L much.


Linda said…
A girl after my own heart. SHOES!!!
Sharon said…
Don't know if does home orders, but I totally covet their stuff. Check it out.

Mrs. Loquacious said…
@Linda - I know. She also likes looking at herself in the mirror with the shoes on. LOL!

@Sharon - I saw the stuff on naturalpod and I love the arched plaything, but space is an issue. I don't know about their tables and benches; I wanted chairs and one smallish table to replace where the Pack n Play now sits. But gorgeous stuff!

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