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* Little L has figured out that bread crusts are for suckers.  When given a slice of jam-laden bread (her fave), she will automatically peel off the crusts.  We didn't teach her this; she just knows!

* As we read her toddler Bible, Little L likes to stop and point at things that she knows, like "bad cow" for the golden calf or "pray" for Daniel in the lions' den.  Well, she has recently started stopping on any page with a drink goblet and saying, "Wine! Water!" whether or not it's from the last supper or Jesus in Cana.  I'm pretty sure I've only ever told her that story of the miracle once.  Weird detail to remember!

* So, although Little L knows quite a few words, she isn't always good at distinguishing context yet, and sometimes she confuses words. Take for instance the onomatopoeic word, "Baa!" She oft confuses it with another similar-sounding word, which is why, after Hubbs made the sheep sound to her while reading an animal book, she suddenly burst into hysterical tears and inconsolable wailing.  Apparently she thought that he was telling her that she was bad! :( Needless to say, the sheep in our household now say, "Muuuuh!"

* Little L has suddenly developed a fascination with the human anatomy, particularly parts of my body.  She loves pointing at my nether regions and saying, "A-jye-a" or poking at my "tum-tum." Hubbs, while changing her, somehow said the word "crotchy", which resulted in Little L repeating it and sending herself into chuckles, and now this is her favourite word.  Crotchy.  It is kind if a funny word, hehe.

* My girl does not want to be considered little anymore.  She likes going around telling us, "I big!" or "Bigger!" and pointing out how the other younger babies around her are crying (even when they aren't).  The best is when it's a stranger's baby that is crying, and you've got a little toddler pointing her finger at said upset child and announcing, loudly, "Cry! Baby cry!" At least she doesn't say those words in the reverse order ;)


asphodellium said…
Aww hehe ours is currently into saying only one syllable of a word: orange = "ORR", our friend Dina = "NA", open = "OHP", etc. She says them like that, too, in all-caps. It's like the dropped syllables necessitate extra emphasis on the one she does pronounce.

Toddlers are SO funny!
My gosh she really is becoming this amazing Big girl toddler. I wish Ollie had half the vocabulary.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@asphodellium - Toddlers really are hilarious. :)

@FTMD - I know, she's getting really big! Don't worry - Ollie's vocab will come in time. Boys do develop their language later than girls. He's still a genius :)

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