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Hot in the Summer Time

No onesie under there!
So, um, when did your little ones stop wearing onesies, either under their clothes or as their clothes?

Little L is still wearing them, and when she was first born our ex-family doc gave me so much grief when we put her in a sleeper without it that I'm scarred for life.  Fast forward 17 months... and now that it's hot and sometimes muggy outside, I just don't think she'd be comfortable wearing layers.  At the same time, I don't love that onesies are so thin that to wear them on their own might be a bit too chilly, y'know? Little L has tons of cute dresses and summer outfits that are thicker by nature of the fabric or design, and to wear just those articles without the onesie is now an option.  I've actually been doing this for the past two days, with no complaints from my kid.

But is she still a bit too young yet? Conventional wisdom says when she potty trains, that's when you ix-nay the onesie.  Plus they make them up to 24 months in age/size.  She is currently beginning to outgrow the 18 month ones so I have to make the decision whether to stock up on 24 month onesies or to forget about them altogether, and just do layers come wintertime.

Thoughts? Advice?

Given the hot temperatures, I've also been venturing into cloth diapering territory.  I know, I know.  Kinda late at 17 months, no? I mean, she is gonna potty train in no time now.

My rationale is this: sometimes we run out of disposables.  And the cloth ones are our back-ups.  PLUS, at night time I've been letting her wear the cloth ones to sleep.  Definitely more work than disposables, but since she doesn't get changed for like 12 hours at night, I wanted her to have something a little more natural and breathable during that nighttime period.  I picked up a couple of G-diapers g-pants,  and some reusable hemp/cotton/microfleece reusable inserts.  I may also get the disposable inserts at some point, if I come across them.  I love the G-diapers because they're super easy to use, and they seem a little less bulky than the other cloth ones I've seen. 

Anyway, I think that a cloth diapered bum is definitely cuter than a disposable diaper bum.  I just can't go there 24/7, however, especially since Little L likes to poop 3 times a day.

The heat is making us want to eat more fruit, which is a good thing.  But that also means more fruit-related waste, which is not such a good thing because they attract fruit flies.  Yes, folks, we have fruit flies.  ICK NAST.

But.  BUT! I have a solution, and it is easy and it works!!! It's not my solution, per se, but one that I cribbed from the Internet and that I think is the most effective solution ever.  Ready for it?

1 glass + apple cider vinegar + dish detergent

Yep, that's it! And it works.  In one day, I think we trapped and killed something like 20 fruit flies.  I have a new glass going now, and it already has several corpses lying at the depths of the vinegar.  This is day 2, and I don't think we will need to do this a third day at this rate.

The trick is to keep the glass open (because if you use the funnels/cones as some prescribe, sometimes the flies won't bother flying in), and to use the dish soap to make the vinegar slippery enough so that they can't fly out once they're immersed in the liquid.  Sounds cruel? Depends if you like having fruit flies on your food or buzzing in front of your face while you cook.

Anyway, happy summer!!

A glass of vinegar and soap

That's how many I've killed in the past 3 hours


mitzerella said…
i stopped using onesies when the weather got warmer because it just seemed too hot to be wearing all those layers. during the winter months, Max wore onesies under regular shirts because i didnt like him playing and his shirt would ride up and him be exposed to the elements. we may return to layering this fall/winter again but i dont really see many onesies for sale for the 2+ group.
asphodellium said…
I must be low on conventional wisdom! I've never layered a onesie under a sleeper. And I see no problem with dressing Ashelyn in just a onesie ... some have skirts! And some are more like rompers, with a bit of leg. I also like onesies as sleepwear. (Yeah, ok, I don't do heat well.)

WE HAVE FRUIT FLIES TOO. How much vinegar vs. dish detergent do you use? Our fruit flies aren't flying in :( I tried the funnel thing before and they didn't fly in either, and then I gave up because I didn't want to waste any more apple cider vinegar :(
Mrs. Loquacious said…
@asphodellium - My fruit flies were lurking too, when we tried the funnel. Then I left it wide open (about 1 cup of vinegar and 2 pumps of Method dish detergent) and just let it sit there. Sometimes they would lurk on the rim of the glass, and I thought maybe I was outsmarted. Then, the next morning, I looked inside the glass and behold! 20+ flies. Keep trying and leave the glass in the most infested place, for 24 hours. Plus, of course, make sure any composting or rotting food is disposed of.
Sharon said…
If trimness is a priority for you cloth diaper wise, the brand Thirsties has a really trim and absorbent prefold (but it's a special prefold) that's hemp & cotton. Natural fibres are more absorbent, too (bonus). You just fold the prefold cloth and lay it in the cover.

Bonus to starting now is that if she's in cloth more and knows what it feels like to be wet, perhaps potty training will come sooner than you think!!

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