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Why is Little L Freaking Out?

There is a site out there devoted to reasons why kids choose to throw tantrums seemingly randomly. To us, these meltdowns are random and more than a little bit amusing, but to them it does seem like the end of the world (or at least, something major akin to you dropping your iPhone into the toilet before having backed up your photos).  In their little minds, the trigger for the freakout is huge! And frankly, I kind of get it.  I lose my sh!t sometimes even over little stuff, like getting cut off when driving or having to wait in line behind the slowest man on the planet. So I can empathize when something is perceived to be a big issue by Little L, even though perhaps to us it isn't.

So here are some of the "biggies," a list of the spaz-outs my darling Little L has been subjecting us to in recent days.  They are pretty funny, although kind of heartbreaking to watch, too - at least, as baby's momma.  I try not to laugh.  I do try to soothe and be understanding.  But sometimes... my tongue gets bit pretty hard.

- I insisted she wear clothes after she examined her nipples in front of the mirror for 10 minutes.

- She couldn't swipe on the iPhone to look at another photo because her thumbs were still on the screen.  

- She had to wait a full minute before getting freed from her high chair.

- She wasn't allowed to eat multiple servings of toothpaste.

- She threw the toy cow down on the floor after yelling (to herself), "No dropping on the floor!"

- Little L asked me if she needed glasses and I said she didn't right now. 

- I closed the pantry door.

- "No fair, mommy!" as I insisted that she put on her pants.

- The sound on my iPhone died mid-way through a video she was watching (yep, getting a new gold 5S! YAY!!)

- The pages of a board book were stuck together and it took me a few seconds to pry them apart.

- She wasn't allowed to eat the stickers.

- The water bottle wouldn't stay upright on the bed.

- Her Fisher Price puppy wouldn't stay in a seated position and fell on its side.

- Three of her zoo figurines couldn't simultaneously fit on the top of the toy barn's steeped roof.

- At church, it was time to sing, and other little kids were singing.

Anyway, you get the picture.  Random.  Ugly cries.  Kind of embarrassing.  And so amusing too, if not a bit frustrating when the tantrum doesn't abate after two very long minutes.  But you know, I take the bad with the good, and there are lots of highlights too.  My girl loves to say, "I love you Mommy!" and give cuddles and show empathy when others are sad.  She is funny and curious and silly and wonderful, too, so I hold on to those great things when she's sobbing into my arms and trying to wrestle free to tantrum.

Image courtesy of Miss Bee (my hands are nowhere near as manicured)


Linda said…
I personally love the stink face. She's still super cute :)
asphodellium said…
Aww Ashelyn gets super frustrated when she's playing with a sheaf of papers or a deck of cards and can't pile them in perfect alignment.

I've never even thought of trying not to laugh! I birthed her; I'm allowed to laugh at her :p

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