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Hey BC Driver of the Blue Honda Civic, License Plate 305NEE

To the driver of the beat up old blue Honda Civic, plate 305NEE;

Yes, we called the cops on you. And now you'll forever be on the Internet, for anyone to Google and find out about your rage.

When we first saw you careening out of the alley and making a right turn across three lanes of traffic to get into our lane, we already knew that something was not right about your driving. Having something in your hand probably didn't help your steering, but since we were going slow in our leftmost lane, we could accommodate for your poor judgment and abruptness and didn't T-bone your car on the left side.

When we found ourselves behind your vehicle, we were hoping you would eventually get out of our way. Unfortunately, you didn't. As it turns out, we both needed to go to Costco this morning, so we had to follow your sticker-laden back end into the Costco Vancouver parkade.

Surely you expected that the parkade might be busy, and there might be other vehicles backing up to try to exit their stalls? I mean, it's a parking lot. Many cars have to reverse out of their stalls, so of course it wasn't a surprise to us when we saw that there were several cars to your right that wanted to back up. And though it was unfortunate that one of those cars didn't see you at first, it still doesn't justify what happened next.

We saw those folks in reverse and knew we needed to back up to give you some space. You didn't have to charge us. We did reverse our car as much as we could for your vehicle to also back up, but since there were cars behind us too, it wasn't like we had infinite room to do so. After our first honk to tell you that we heard you, and after we backed up a bit, you didn't have to get reckless. You slamming your gas and backing your car nearly right up to our front bumper at fast speed, then slamming the breaks, almost created an accident. When we tried to reverse further and honked you again to ask WTF you were doing, a second sudden reversal at high speeds followed by another slamming of the breaks until your car was literally an inch from ours was not the correct response.

Then, like a coward, when Hubbs got out of the car to try to talk to you, you drove off at dangerously fast speeds, endangering all of the other Costco patrons in the parking lot.
If you had made contact with our vehicle, you would have been found 100% liable by ICBC since you were going in reverse. If you would have driven off after hitting us, that would have been considered a hit-and-run, with a penalty that could include jail time. If our 22-month-old had been in the vehicle and gotten whiplash from the impact of a hit, I would have sued you for everything that you have, assuming of course that Hubbs didn't leap out of the car and kill you first.

I don't care what your story is. I don't care what your life situation is like. I don't care about any of your explanations or excuses. You were a reckless, hazardous driver on the road and there is no excuse for that.

The police now have it on record, whether or not they tracked you down today. And now the internet has a record.

May your road rage and poor driving habits never cause an innocent person to be hurt. However, may you suffer fully the wrath and consequence intended for you because of your sin and your recklessness. You deserve to be on the receiving end of the dangerous driving you did on the roads today; may it be so.


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