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The Time We Came ThisClose To Moving

Or yesterday.

Back story: on Sat. we came across a rental listing for a place in Richmond that piqued our interest. We called and were able to secure a viewing that afternoon. The place was huge (1.5 times our current cozy space), "executive-themed" with a double garage and gas stove, and within proximity of all our "must-haves," for the same price we currently pay in rent. After Hubbs green-lit it, I submitted the application that evening. 

That's when the anxiety and unease began. With each day that passed, it intensified. I'm not sure what it was, but it caused me such inner turmoil that I had to pull the plug on the application (with Hubbs' agreement, of course) yesterday. Credit checks had been done and everything, but since nothing had been signed yet, nor had we been confirmed for the place, we were okay to do so without penalty. 

Anyway, it has been a day since the application was canceled, and I'm still not sure what that was all about. The location? The place itself? The timing? Or was it because Little L wailed when we went in for the viewing? I'm not sure. I do know that my father-in-law later told Hubbs that he also felt unsettled about us moving to this particular place, even though he wasn't sure why. Bear in mind that this is the same man who affirmed my teaching Grade 1 as God's call (I think it was) and who has often been a voice God has used to affirm our choices. I do feel pretty good about walking away, even though an opportunity like it doesn't come by often; the moment I canceled our application, a weight lifted from my entire being. It's inexplicable but I feel that for certain we were not supposed to move - at least not to this place - right now.

And with this experience under my belt, I now know what I need to consider when we finally do move (an inevitability given our distance from Little L's future school). Transitioning Little L from the only "home" she has known up to now will involve a lot of work and planning, and I am already thinking about all of the wall decals in her room that I need to buy a second set of. 

I have also realized a few things that I hadn't considered before:

- carpets are not kid-friendly and should be kept to a minimal in any home we reside in
- the quality of a walking route is just as important as the proximity to "must-haves"
- a yard is a lovely thing
- so is a double garage
- Little L should probably get a vote on a future home
- the south and west parts of Richmond are much better than any other areas (yay Steveston, Terra Nova...)

I will be more ready next time, which could be next week or next year...

So how have you prepped your littles for a move? What do you plan to do if/when you move, to help ease the stress of it for them? 


Oh my gosh! Been there... and you did the right thing! The few houses we went to look at Ollie either hated, wanted out of and one he cried. When we walked into the home we hope to be closing on in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!, Ollie LOVED it, so did I. He ran all around cheerfully, up stairs and down and didn't want to leave, neither did I. We both knew it was our home. We knew before the offer went in, it was our home. Now he talks about "Ollie's House" with "Ollie's Blue Room." When it's time... you will know.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Thanks for this April! It is affirming to know that DD isn't the only one who cries at viewings. If memory serves, she didn't cry when we viewed our current place! She was only 2 months back then, but still!

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