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Summer Delinquent, Losing the Nap, and Finding a New Job

I try not to think about all the germs in that water since she loves to splash.

It's hot outside. Sunny, beautiful - and perfect for little girls to go splashing in the water or running in the grass barefoot. I've been less frequent in my blogging because I've been slowly roasting myself to a golden crisp in the scorching sun.

Apologies if my legs have blinded your eyes. My arms are 10 shades darker than my legs.

Anyway, call me a summer delinquent. I should be contributing more frequently once the weather cools, or I have something amazing to say (and my brain hasn't been fried by all of that Vitamin D overload).

Finally asleep! That night, bedtime was at 8:45. Glorious evening for Hubbs and I!
In the meantime, let me just say that one of the things that alarm me most about Little L turning 2.5 is her recent nap schedule...or lack thereof. Seriously, peeps, she has been napping only once every 3-4 days. While this makes for a slightly more human bedtime (think 10:00pm-ish), I lose out on that much-needed mid-day break. Plus, a toddler who is fighting her nap is not a pleasant creature to entertain. Her fuse gets shorter, her emotions run higher, and whining wails fill the air. Particularly on days when I haven't had a sufficient amount of caffeine in my system, it really really sucks to have to be a gentle, redirecting, patient parent. My only consolation is that, once she falls asleep, I'm assured that it will probably last the night.

In other summer news, Hubbs is on the market for a new opportunity. His near-decade-long contract was wrapping up, and he resigned. Sadly, the end date that was supposed to be on Halloween came three months earlier than expected. Scary indeed. But the uncertainty does come with some silver linings, since he has already had to turn down an offer in Bermuda (because the Bermuda Triangle, and it's just too far from everyone) and is now entertaining several other possible opportunities that are all pretty awesome. The only crappy thing is, the money that came with that previous contract was ridiculously good (probably to compensate for an increasingly bad work environment), and unparalleled in today's market in our area of the world. We haven't settled with any position yet, so if you're in the Vancouver BC area or you have telecommute work for a super-experienced software architect who can deliver $10 mil projects early and successfully (using industry best practices), I have someone you might want to talk to ;)

Keep your eye out for my CLEK FLLO review, too! I am putting my order in next week and should receive our new car seat and travel bag shortly after that. I'll be installing it and giving it a first-impressions review, and then I'll be following up with a second post once we have traveled with it!


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