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In My Bathroom...

Not my typical ranting or reviewing kind of post, but just a list of some of my favourite new cosmetic and bath products. I recently subscribed to ipsy, a monthly curated cosmetics goodie bag, so some of my discoveries have been from these samples. Others I've just come across by random fluke.

Everyone Soap for Kids - Little L and I both use this for our bubble baths and for my hair and body wash. It's everything-free when it comes to toxic ingredients, it's inexpensive, and my hair comes out clean and residue-free (per my stylist). Plus it smells lovely!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner - it's my first ever liquid eyeliner and it goes on dark. It does take a minute to dry but makes a great cat-eye and doesn't smudge that much once it is on. It's probably full of toxic ingredients but so far I haven't had any allergic reactions :)

Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner - for a more natural brow, I've been trying out this liquid liner. It's not very dark but it does fill in those gaps between my brow hairs. I'm told the Stila one is even better but for a natural look and easy application, this one has been really good. Oh, and its paraben-free.

** I've also read really fab reviews for the Stila liquid brow liner and Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner, so I may try both next time to compare.

Tarte 4-in-1 Lights, Camera, Lashes volume mascara - I've only tried this recently (since it just came in my Ipsy bag), but it has quickly surpassed Benefit and LancĂ´me as my favourite mascara. It didn't clump for me and it did lengthen and thicken my lashes while evenly darkening them as I applied two coats. I was impressed! The ingredients also seem pretty innocuous, although I am not sure if it's toxin-free. 

Optimera Day/Night Cream - I might do a separate post on this later, but for now let's just say that I have tried this duo of creams and over the past two weeks I have noticed my pores shrinking and my skin tightening up a bit. I've tried that Cloud cream and also a Riversol moisturizer recently, and I do think I've had better results with Optimera than I had with either of those. It is a pricey product but worth it if the results keep coming! :)

Anyway, what's in your bathroom right now? I'm always up to try a great product!


Hello, I came across your blog as I was googling other Vancouver mom bloggers. I just became one 8 days ago - so I started a blog too!

I was also thinking about Ipsy, I used to do Luxebox for awhile also - but right now I just take advantage when Sephora has good deals on their sets.

I also have that Stila liner, and have them in a few colors. The only make up product I recently discovered that Im obsessed with is a Kat Von D lipstick that literally stays on my lips all day no matter what.

Stephanie :)
mazoola said…
I also have the Stila liner, i think it's the blackest liner out there and one of the easier tips for gliding. if you feel you need brown filler, hopefully you get something from the Anastasia line! From what I remember, i think your brows are naturally full enough though.

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