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More Little L-isms and Fruit Discrimination

Me:  You sound stuffy! Maybe we need to spray your nose.
Little L:  No, I'm not stuffy! I'm runny!!!

After I fart in the bathroom...
Oh, it's so stinky in here!! (*Little L covers her nose*) Mommy's bathroom smells like a Daddy bathroom!!

Me (to Hubbs):  Hon, can you please turn up the A/C?
Little L: He's gonna turn up the ABC!!

I'm cuddling Little L and not letting her go...
In a panicked voice: I don't want to be stuck forever!! I just want to be stuck for a little minute.

(Hahk-sik is the Canto pronunciation of the colour black)
It's getting hahk-sik-er and hahk-sik-er and hahk-sik-er outside!

Me: Simon says touch your nose! Simon says touch your ear. Touch your tongue! Hey! I didn't say Simon says to touch your tongue!
Little L: (Completely deadpan) Simon says no.
End game.

While brushing our teeth...
 Me:  It's Mommy's turn to brush your teeth!
(As I start to brush, she gets panicky)
Little L:  I can't talk! I don't know how to talk!! I can't talk right now!!

Little L:  I want to steal Daddy's computer. 
Me: Why do you want to steal Daddy's computer?
Little L: Because I want to type!

(Based on Pete the Cat's "blue cat blues")
He had the brown monkey browns...

While at the aquarium looking at tropical birds...
Those aren't toucans!! They are four-cans!!

Little L puts on a lei...
Me: Are we going to Hawaii?
Little L: Yes!!
Me: When are we going?
Little L: Ten minutes!!

When she wakes from her nap, Hubbs turns on the dimmer lamp...
Oh! I want the light to be brighter! I want the sun in my eyes!!

I don't want to be really silly! I just want to be a few bit silly.

Eating perfect strawberries since 2012

So let's talk about fruit-washing, because that's a very riveting topic of discussion, right? Seriously though, my entrance through the pearly gates might be revoked due to fruit wastage, because I am really picky about Little L's (and my) fruit. I only like to serve blemish-free fruit and will cut off the bruised parts of apples, etc. This much I know to be fairly normal. However, I have noticed that I am so OCD about other fruit I serve, that I am often throwing a lot of produce into the composting bin. Take raspberries and blueberries, for example. Those suckers go bad quickly, and sometimes by the time I go to wash them with my handy-dandy fruit wash spray, some of the berries have already become soft or have specks of discolouration on them. I will literally pick out the firm and unblemished ones, and throw the rest away (or save them for Hubbs, because the man will eat anything and never washes his fruit anyway). I'm not sure why I do this. Maybe it's because I don't want Little L to taste a bad berry and suddenly hate berries? Or maybe I am afraid that an overly-ripe berry might have gone bad, and will cause her to get sick?

Whatever it is, I simply cannot bring myself to give her imperfect fruit. It's not like she notices, and I'm sure that Hubbs has served her unwashed, overly-ripe berries and grapes before. But something in me just feels all guilty and unable to compromise. Am I nuts, or are you like this too? What level of ripe is your fruit limit? What kind of fruit hygiene do you practice?


Goat Gal said…
What a cute little monkey you have :)
Mrs. Loquacious said…
She thanks you for not calling her a princess! ;)

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