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Now that the unpacking is under control (only a few more boxes to go), and we have had a few days and nights to settle into our new home, I finally get to enjoy a little bit of breathing room. *phew*

I have to admit, while I hate the moving experience, I am absolutely in love with our new home and new neighborhood. It's cheesy to say this, but everything has been absolutely perfect. Too perfect, really; it can only be attributed to God's grace on our undeserving family, and nothing that we could have possibly accomplished by our own effort.

Now if you recall, I was quite concerned about leaving Yaletown (a family-friendly district of the downtown core). I hated to part ways with our breathtaking views and proximity to absolutely everything that we needed, and I grieved the fact that the Aquabus and Canada Line wouldn't be a stone's throw from our place anymore. I also worried about Little L's adjustment, since she is a kid who will sometimes have a meltdown if you put her shoes on the "wrong" way. How would she adjust to having to part with her "masterpiece" wall of ballerina decals? Or Elsie Roy's fabulous playground?

In hindsight, my concerns were for naught. God's goodness cannot be any more evident than in this: Little L has had zero difficulty adjusting to this new home. In fact, she is absolutely thriving; she prefers walking (vs. taking a stroller) to explore the little shops in the village, and has already established a few "favourite" places (including the neighborhood cupcake shop, the "hammer pond" and the toy store). She moves freely around our 4-storey, exploring and playing and generally enjoying herself. She lives for trips to the garage downstairs, where she can climb into our vehicle and pretend to go to Whole Foods with me. And not once this week has she even mentioned her "old home." I don't think I could have asked for a more smooth transition, praise God!

Not only has Little L settled quickly into this place, but so have Hubbs and I. We really, really enjoy living in a single-family dwelling, an experience we have never had together as a married couple until now. Being able to store our excess in our very own, private garage is a perk. So is having a larger kitchen, an office that doesn't double as a guest room, balconies, and multiple floors in our home. While this may not be a big deal for anyone else, for us these have all been *huge* benefits that we never anticipated appreciating as much as we do.

And then there's the amazing neighborhood, with most amenities within walking distance. I have already found a new chiropractor and RMT that is only 5 minutes away. Any store that we can't access on foot is really just a short drive from our new place, including a City Market that rivals Whole Foods in their selection of organic, healthy fare. The views are spectacular, the vibe is very quaint and relaxed and coastal-meets-maritime, and the air is fresh. We wake up to sunshine beaming into our bedroom windows, and not the annoying wail of an emergency vehicle trying to race through the busy streets.

If I sound like I'm gushing, it's because I really am. Hubbs and I have quickly converted from city slickers to suburbanites, and Hubbs is pretty certain that we will never move downtown again. Our expectations have been more than exceeded; everything is absolutely perfect for our little family, and this is the work of Jesus Himself intervening on our behalf before the Father. We take no credit for the fact that we have been able to live in a home in the best possible location for us. Thank You, God!


Andrea Firmani said…
It sounds like this was a change that you needed and that you are now embracing! Congrats on the successful move and best wishes for settling in and making the new place your home.
Mrs. Loquacious said…
Thanks Andrea! We definitely miss some of our favourite haunts in Yaletown, but having more space and a quieter neighborhood is just what we needed!

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